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The beauty that experiences dancing -- Qiao Zhiling

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Jing is colourful, this is I am watched " Qiao Zhiling " later experience. I never had thought, somebody can jump dancing to this kind of state. Net of YNt China dancing

Net of YNt China dancing
Watched this show, also let me more admire Yang Liping, she is born for dancing inherently namely, it is so clean and dinkum only she can get stifling limbs language to convey sounds of nature and person noise with the sort of beauty, inspired us to be mixed to the understanding of artistic and infinite possibility thereby good-tempered. Because her dancing is dinkum and never outdated, because of original creation cover is sufficient precious, television relay of have the aid of and Qu Gaohe not few. Her contempt is artistic and dogmatic with its with the courage of established law endowment is concerned, but the overturn and starts spirit to make she becomes sequela formerly spirit ally to art and artistic surveyor's pole. Net of YNt China dancing

Net of YNt China dancing
I am one likes orchestic person, I just see dancing person's beautiful body posture purely previously, very superb dancing background, never can have considered the creation setting behind dancing, historical culture, art gives the person's force and shock, had looked a series of after excellent dancing work, let me have deeper impression, dancing needs heat, intention of the person that need dance goes jumping, go conveying with feeling, result, this also is they are had deep love for to orchestic. And Yang Liping stagewise, have a kind of abysmal magic power, every act, even if be a pause, in the sky be like shut-off of water of gentle breeze Cong Yihong to flit, in noiseless body, had the voice of fine billow angle. She lets person become enamoured be touched at her, oneself discovery, the language that her world need not servantchoose a person for a job can be understood. Net of YNt China dancing

Net of YNt China dancing
" happy write down. Happy elephant piece " in say: "Poem, yan Jizhi also; Song, intone its voice also; Dance, move its to allow also. " no matter poem, song or dance, set out by the person's heart, the heart indicates, just reveal next at outside. Artistic figure this heart at the person, just have the explicit show of happy dance next. Dancing is a kind of beautiful education, soak people heart through true, be apt to, beautiful dancing figure, affecting the thought of people, character, affection. Archaic scholars emphasize " Le Shengzhi enters him deep, its turn a person also fast. " musical dance from inside and the other place undertakes to the person overall aesthetic feeling is taught, influence and edify the disposition of people and character and morals. Net of YNt China dancing

Net of YNt China dancing
Dancing is the beautification of the life, OK also beautification lives! Let us experience the life to experience dancing attentively! You can discover the beauty of the life, orchestic beauty! The inspiration that actually dancing has a lot of results from the life learns to observe the society goes experiencing ability to experience orchestic beauty only, artistic beauty. Net of YNt China dancing
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