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Shallow talk " dancing appreciate " the impressions after the class

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Be honoured very much this term take as an elective course " dancing appreciate " , talk about my impressions to this class now. Net of DmJ China dancing
Our classroom basically is to admire video to add a teacher to explain, we admired all sorts of folk dance to still have modern dance, among them I choose ethical dance mainly " Qiao Zhiling " , classical dancing " fetch of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty " , step dance " the dance of the great river " come to those who talk about me to experience. Net of DmJ China dancingNet of DmJ China dancing
One, ethical dance " Qiao Zhiling " net of DmJ China dancing
" Qiao Zhiling " be " collect of singing and dancing of large former zoology -- Yunnan image " end, because,making former modes of life and relation to their environment is 70% above dance person it is local born and bred minority person, and music and prop all come from place. " Qiao Zhiling " it is the peacock dance that Yang Liping invented 1986. Net of DmJ China dancing
Companion is hit into sunlight small dawn as lamplight, a glittering and translucent, white peacock presents arena, she shakes lightsome and crest, strong and vigorous, she extends double arm, with her long eyebrow, clever eye, finger, lumbar limb dancing, behavioral gentleness is enchanting, can't help holding one's breath wirh fixed attention, be enmeshed in this in lithe and graceful circumstances. Net of DmJ China dancing
Although I do not know the content of the story, but my inner affection, however the movement as her, removed resonance! A movement lets me cannot dismiss from one's mind, be her rotate, turn buoyantly ah turn, I am already incomputable she turned how many rounds, feel she is in only orchestic is orgiastic in, forgot an audience, forgot oneself. She uses her agile and skilled limb facial feature merely, with her beautiful bodily form, slender arm and the movement that lose gently, come attentively dance, those who will explain a peacock is beautiful, feminine beauty. Net of DmJ China dancing

2, classical dancing " fetch of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty " net of DmJ China dancing
" fetch of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty " it is basis of Mr. Chen Weiya 4 people of man dance " Wang Dianbing of the Qin Dynasty " a list of plays of solo dance of classical dancing man that adapt and becomes. Chen Weiya is directed with him distinctive train of thought envisages the image that shapes the tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty that gives to do sth unconventional or unorthodox with what abound, actor soybean beans also gets his depict lifelike, show the China that go out the powerful human body of the Trojan lofty quality of flower fetch and chiliad ancient rhyme. Net of DmJ China dancing
Dimension act pulls open arena to diffuse in a smoke of gunpowder in appear give a martial energetic, the gray brick that wears armature makes figure of formative of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty, in clang of rhythm of strong strains of music accompanied by drumbeats accompany under, the archaic soldier sculpture of a clay sculpture begins decay. His neck begins little ground to turn round, corners of the mouth vibrates slightly, his hand also had perception, the slimy carapace that lifted paste to go up in the face, rip off manacle in that heavy on the body armor, outside be being cast together to the body together, the foot also pulls out from the effectively in clay, driving big and tall body one pace ground advances ahead, break up from the area after arena jumping set out, ground of genuflect of his sheet leg, hold one's head high hold out a bosom, the figure of a martial soldier shows in the audience before. Net of DmJ China dancing
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