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Talk about the basic measure of dancing appreciate

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Dancing is very simple to be familiar with very much for us, but it seems that very mysterious and difficult. In our life for instance everywhere can see dancing, in can participating in its even. Say it is mysterious, because we are very fathomless its among them Yu Yi. Through by a definite date the study of 9 weeks dancing appreciate, I can enjoy dancing work simply now. It is orchestic of my individual appreciate below common step: Net of 5n7 China dancing

Net of 5n7 China dancing
Appreciation orchestic the first pace, be distinguishing it first is to belong to which kind. Dancing basically has the following sort: Classical dancing, folk dance, modern dance, contemporary dancing and ballet. For example " fan dance paintings " , " Wang Dianbing of the Qin Dynasty " it is classical dancing. Net of 5n7 China dancing

The 2nd pace should know dancing of avery kind of has what characteristic namely. Classical dancing treads: It is to be on foundation of ethical folk dance, abstraction of worker of major of course past dynasties, arrange, treatment creation, examine through what more long-term art carries out, circulate come down, be considered as to have the dance of certain example meaning and classicism characteristic. A lot of countries on the world and nation have the classical dancing that has distinctive color each to tread. European classical dancing treads, general ballet of generally refer to. Folk dance: It is in long-term history course by numerous people collective is created, accumulate ceaselessly, develop and form, it is in masses the form of a kind of dancing of from mouth to mouth. It reflects the thought feeling of people, ideal and desire directly. Net of 5n7 China dancing

State of mind of culture of the life work way as a result of people of each country home, each nation, various places, history, custom is used to, and the difference of environment, formed different ethical style and local characteristic consequently. Modern dance: It is 19 centuries end is mixed be in at the beginning of 20 centuries genre of Euramerican and arisen a kind of dancing. Its are main aesthetic viewpoint is the lockstep that objects classical at that time ballet, formalism tendency that breaks away from real life and pure pursuit skill; The view casts off classical ballet too of the behavioral form of become rigid manacle, with the dance movement accord with natural sports law, the true the true state of affairs of person of free land express feels, emphasize dancing art wanting to reflect modern society life. Contemporary dancing () of dancing of new creative work: Be different from the dancing of the new style of 3 kinds of afore-mentioned styles namely, it often needs with what portray a character according to expressional content, not stick to one pattern, all sorts of all sorts of styles that draw lessons from and absorb each dancing genre, dancing behave method and expressional method, incorporate things of diverse nature is used for me, invent a has distinctive new style dance unlike all sorts of dancing styles that had formed thereby. Net of 5n7 China dancing
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