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Happy to dance of dancing literal means, but this is low administrative levels only, pass the study of nine week, I had my understanding, dancing is the sublimate of a kind of spirit, it is dance person will express the feeling that wants expression through limbs, although dancing divides a lot of kinds, but the essence that I become aware is consistent, it is spirit is reflected, we are watching the process that a kind of experience is actually when dancing. Net of ZtP China dancing

Watch through what attend class, I am planted to a dance have a special liking, that is modern dance, modern dance is 19 centuries end is mixed be in at the beginning of 20 centuries genre of Euramerican and arisen a kind of dancing. Its are main aesthetic viewpoint is the lockstep that objects classical at that time ballet, formalism tendency that breaks away from real life and pure pursuit skill; The view casts off classical ballet too of the behavioral form of become rigid manacle, with the dance movement accord with natural sports law, the true the true state of affairs of person of free land express feels, emphasize dancing art wanting to reflect modern society life. Modern dance reflected the make public of individual character, I very absorption, other of course dance are planted also have its distinguishing feature, it is because of the person different only. Net of ZtP China dancing

Of course to dancing I return insufficient get to the bottom of, not quite comprehensive, this has particular demand to admiring orchestic person people undertakes dancing admires this kind of orchestic aesthetic activity, must have certain subjective requirement above all, the dancing knowledge with should be had certain that is to say, dancing admires level and knowledge competence, appreciation activity ability mixes dancing undertake smoothly normally. What Marx of this no less than says in that way: "If you are conceivable artistic enjoyment, your itself must be a person that has artistic accomplishment. "" has musical talent to arouse the person's music to feel only; To not the ear of argue swing says, the most beautiful music also is without a meaning, music says to it is not an object, ... " so, all sorts of ingredients that figure of the character that we understand dancing art, dancing and other and artistic relation, dancing makes, the process that reachs its to arise, very necessary. In front we ever had talked, dancing is in order to passed abstraction, organization, beautification human body movement is main show method, behave the affection of people and thought, reflect a kind of skill that the society lives. From the point of the sensory characteristic of the person that dancing work resort to is admired, it is one kind integrated hearing (timeliness) with the vision (spatial) the performance is artistic. Net of ZtP China dancing

The place on put together is narrated, orchestic beauty has an individual lasting appeal, we need slowly comment on, absolutely 9 classes can be not solved, so we should have distinctive opinion to want to get used to tide at the same time to dancing, anyhow " the road is boundless its are long, I will fluctuate at demanding place " .
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