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A flowery flower -- tango

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Dancing of avery kind of is dancing itself or a kind of culture not just more including kind of a kind of life, can comprehend from inside dancing piece a few cannot use verbal expression, can demonstrate to come out with orchestic air only, have a special liking to tango in numerous dancing. Net of AqT China dancing

The high temperament that tango has her not only has one to plant more dark inside accumulate. Tango " is the dancing form that common people all knows, it is famous in the world as Argentine the quintessence of a country. At present tango is one of formal projects of contest of international standard dance. Latin America area still has culture of a lot of other distinctive dancing, cuba gentle and lovely is for instance alluring human relations cling to, the Sang Ba with enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained Brazil. But tango and they are different, the as much as one likes of tango is calm and embedded is not enthusiastic drain. Because in tango people infiltrated,this is the sadness like a kind of philosophy, there is a body to be in in this kind of sadness feelings of boy far away from home, have the hardships of destiny twist, the anguish that also has pair of life thinks. This kind of sadness forms initial stage in tango deeply root establish among them, people changes sadness do true affection to be without reservation to reflect in tango, make tango has a kind inexpressible moving as lasting as a kind interest. The glamour of this kind of artistic form cannot be defied, arrive at the beginning of 20 centuries, tango is accepted generally already for masses place, 40 time greeted its golden age, emerge in large numbers gives writers of large quantities of one a general term for ci and qu, singer and dancer. Net of AqT China dancing

Because like to be willing to understand her more so, the staccato type that frustration feels very intense is performed, musical rhythm is lively, distinctive syncope is its bright feature. Steps is luxuriant and decorous, enthusiastic unruly or unrestrained and change is boundless, alternate pace, kick leg, leap, rotate your person is dazzling. Singer from time to time is intense and bold and unrestrained, from time to time is plaintive, or common of envy world anger, or the bosom is hurt when feeling. Libretto uses slang of market native place in great quantities. When dancing, the man hits bow tie to wear brunet evening dress, the lady is worn the long skirt that a side opens fork high. Net of AqT China dancing

Still hear of the secret dancing between tango traceable lover, the Dou Pei when so the man dances so takes snickersnee, now although do not wear snickersnee, but dancing person must expression is earnest, show gaze around, the expression that beware of is discovered. Other kind the face wants to bring a smile when dancing dances, jump only must not smile when tango, expression wants gravity. The limbs language of tango is very rich, her particular gravity is worn in enlightenment it seems that treat feeling to approach life should some more serious, having some of thing after all is not OK of be laughing and playing. Net of AqT China dancing
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