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Bud orchestic admires shallow Tan Ba

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Mention ballet, what people thinks of above all is snow-white ballet skirt, cabinet toe shoe, still have even if stagewise stand on tiptoe is worn the person that tiptoe removes the ballet of dance lightly. The musical union of lightsome dance appearance and soft beauty must be so flawless, so that let,each person must bow for it. However, understand ballet truly, have an eye for a few people does ballet orchestic have again? If want to be able to be an organic whole with ballet be in harmony when admiring ballet, experience ballet orchestic marrow, the understanding that I think it is certain to have to ballet or very those who be necessary. Net of Nxe China dancing

"Ballet " is French Ballet the transliteration of one word, it is a general designation of European classical dancing drama. The Italy of period of ballet traceable renaissance, pass into France later, louie of 14 king advocate and of royal dancing institute arrange meticulously, made formation a dance movement that reflects classical aesthetic ideal and dance appearance standard. The form of ballet can divide roughly it is two kinds: Serve as what basically behave a method to call classical ballet with classical dancing, call contemporary ballet as what basically behave a method with modern dance. Ballet appears to be planted too much in its development course stylistic, among them some already made the history, wait like ballet of palace ballet, comedic ballet, false face, operatic ballet. Still have ballet of ballet drama, merciless part up to now, hand in noisy ballet and ballet essay to wait. The structural gimmick of classical ballet pantomime has dance for two people, 3 people dance, 4 people dance, 5 people dance, variation dance, group dancing and be a dancing partner etc. Classical ballet is the art with very strong sex of a kind of fictitious form, its requirement standardization, behavioral attitude also has definite pattern and norms. Contemporary handing in noisy ballet is hand in loud music and ballet to combine an unity perfect and harmoniously, abound dancing language connotation further with musical language, make the special language of contemporary ballet. Net of Nxe China dancing

Appreciation ballet cannot be resembled watch modern drama, opera in that way, hope dancing has sentence those who make clear " actor's lines " , rich and changeful happy to dance is " magnified expression " follow on action. One paragraph weaves have send, abound the dancing of artistic conception, always be the aggrandizement of incisively and vividly of some kind of emotive and expression. Meanwhile I think to admire ballet to still need to notice the following 3 respects: It is the show that should watch an actor normative. 2 it is the skill difficulty that should see ballet actor. 3 it is the show that should watch ballet actor. Want to watch a series of shows of the actor already, want to see an actor hold the accuracy of each different program colors again.
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