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I am right orchestic a few views

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Without take as an elective course " dancing appreciate " when this course, there are these ideas only in my brain: I know ballet have " swan lake " , " walnut clincher " , peacock dance of Yang Liping, still have the street dance that the youth likes, the traditional dancing that is folk moreover. Went up " dancing appreciate " after the class, just know dancing has a lot of planting to classify. Say good word, these classify me how to much also write down not quite now. Net of 3mN China dancing

Net of 3mN China dancing
We this semester learned classical dancing, modern dance, the dancing knowledge such as a few dance of the west. Net of 3mN China dancing
What I like most is classical dancing, classical dancing is to be on foundation of ethical folk traditional orchestic, abstraction of worker of major of course past dynasties, arrange, treatment, creation, pass longer period art carries out examine, shed the is considered as to have certain example sense with classicism characteristic dancing that hand down. Generally speaking, classical dancing possesses the movement of strict formula, normative sex and more excellent skill. A lot of countries on the world and nation have the classical dancing that has distinctive color each to tread. Net of 3mN China dancing

Net of 3mN China dancing
I feel < < peach tenders > > more good-looking, the actor grows beautifully, the figure is slim, dance appearance is beautiful, look if the person is crazy be like drunk. I feel classical dancing or collective jump more good-looking, uniform. Elephant < < green ribbon > > what I look not to know it to want expression is what meaning. < < tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty > > jump also pretty is good, jovian, have imposing manner very much, very cheesy! Still have < < fork in a road > > also be such, background music is very stirring. Net of 3mN China dancing

Net of 3mN China dancing
As to modern dance, the likelihood is I lack dancing cell, what I look not to know it after all to want expression really is what meaning, although saw a modern dance, the teacher also explained, I still cannot understand. With respect to my individual character, I do not like modern dance. Modern dance is right for me, too abstract, movement I also feel mysterious, still have its background music especially, I feel very drab to send, very depressing, have a kind of depressive feeling. And what the actor's dress also does not have classical dancing actor is good-looking. This is the viewpoint of my individual merely, every kinds of dancing has the existence value of itself. Net of 3mN China dancing

Net of 3mN China dancing
I prefer a few dance of the west, resemble Latin dance, samba, just, I feel these dancing are enthusiastic really and bold and unrestrained, have atmosphere very much, start comes true satisfy a craving, can release the person's feeling very much. The dancing form of step dance opens freedom quite, restrict without a lot of formalization. Dance person the dance appearance that does not pay attention to the body, emphasize the beats rhythm complex skill of foot needle and calcaneal however. Performer is wearing special step dance shoe, with each place of the foot, in rap of the attrition on the floor, give out all sorts of kicking to step sound, all sorts of beautiful dance appearance of the person that add dance, form concordant of the humour with peculiar step dance, to joke to behave a kind of glamour with very substantial power. Via old development, step dance absorbed the element such as jazz rhythm, extemporaneous performance, also be a kind of absorbing motion, provide more from amusement sex, open and also have challenge sex more, the sense that gives a person is light, lively, freedom and rhythm move are very. Step dance is one kind is used to audition dancing style, even a kind of view thinks a great step dance dancer is a musician more. In inchoate step dance match, the commissioner sits below ligneous arena even, watch dancer far from, listen to them to hit the importance of rhythm however, to step dance, the most important is rhythm clear. A good step dance person, no matter be much faster rhythm, much more complex steps, much smaller voice, it is clear to can be accomplished. Net of 3mN China dancing
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