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Chinese northwest horn -- the dancing of old mystery

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"Arrived Qiang area, if did not jump over boiler village, be equal to do not have Qiang area. " this is the word that a friend of the Qiang nationality says to me. Net of PzK China dancingNet of PzK China dancing
The Qiang nationality is can the nation of dance of song be apt to, civilian view is " be no good without the song, also be no good without dance " , qiang civilian " mortuary have mortuary music, mutual dancing, in order to show joys and sorrows, build antediluvian Shang Cunye. " net of PzK China dancingNet of PzK China dancing
Boiler village is the dancing form with the most popular the Qiang nationality, plain northwest Tibetian also has form of this kind of dancing. Because the area that the Qiang nationality lives is long-term with Tibetian near neighbour, and affect. Make a few lives of the Qiang nationality consuetudinary, culture phenomenon and language all blend in Tibetian composition. Net of PzK China dancingNet of PzK China dancing
Of Qiang language " circle dance " should call originally " Sa Lang " , but because follow Tibet,common was called almost by people now " boiler village " . "Sa Lang " have " sing, shake rise " meaning, this kind of dancing is in Qiang area most be current and gain ground, it is very old from amusement sex dancing. Net of PzK China dancingNet of PzK China dancing
"Sa Lang " musical melody is lively, fluent, rhythm is bouncing, Anacreontic, libretto content is very rich. But indoors outside undertake, male before female hind, do not be restricted number, surround igneous pond or threshing ground circuit, not heal, to the dance side anticlockwise Bian Ge. In the begining, first round of male and female dance music, have dance jointly next, speed by arrive slow fast, jump intense when, the man that get dance accelerates steps, be the first the dance movement that exchanges all sorts of differring, or double leg steps again alternately, or the left and right sides rotates, the men and women competes each other, atmosphere gradually enthusiastic. Dance is supreme when tide, man cry " frighten hello " , the woman answers and " oh hello! " one ends at this point, alternate again then new dance music and pace. Net of PzK China dancingNet of PzK China dancing
Dance of the Qiang nationality is main by dance person the edge is sung to jump by the side of oneself, rare musical instrument accompanies. Speed and rhythm depend on libretto content and dance person mood. Accordingly, what jump in youths all sorts of " boiler village " in, still have respectively eulogize the lyric boiler village of good life, the place of business of interest sex boiler that has carry secretly game and with humorous humour, emotional appeal full-bodied, convey the boiler village of the different form such as the love between the men and women. Net of PzK China dancingNet of PzK China dancing
Besides boiler village, folk dance of the Qiang nationality still has " jump armature " (renown " armor dance " ) , " jump the skin is roused " , " Lan Ganshou " etc. "Jump armature " it is dance of kind of old traditional and sacred custom, officersed and men in what have meritorious military service more in the past jump on funeral. Tens of dance person wrap around personally unripe cowhide armor, the head is worn insert the leather armet that has grouse plume and wheat lever, the shoulder hangs cupreous bell, hand hold enginery (it is long knife more) , cent kind is right blast and dance, roaring shake day, martial and magnificent. Behave the ethical disposition with valiant and castiron, open-minded bold and unconstrained incisively and vividly, coarsen rustics emersion of honest archaic folkway appear vividly. Net of PzK China dancingNet of PzK China dancing
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