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Dance of the Va nationality: The special dancing of mysterious nation

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Black skin, no matter the men and women is staying to grow long hair, the man is wearing black clothes black pants, the woman is wearing the ethical dress with gorgeous colour, have dance lightly in the sound that wood rouses. On August 15, in riverside area of scene of Jiang Shenli gorge, a batch of special guests developed their beautiful beautiful image over. They fasten the Va nationality that belongs to language of dragon of collapse of Wa of Austronesian of Cambodia of the first month of South Asia phylum to raise namely, also brought their ethical dancing at the same time -- dancing of the Va nationality. Net of QHV China dancing
The Va nationality, basically distributing to visit southwest department at Yunnan on the west and other places of source of alliance, dark blue, Meng Lian, it is one of peoples with our country less population. It is archaic south " Pu " a of the person, having close kin with the Blang nationality, De Ang a group of things with common features since ancient times, it is a more mysterious nation. The Va nationality that lived in different area in the past has title each, if Yunnan is pressed down health, always heart one belt is called " Wa " ; One band says source of Geng Ma, double river, dark blue " Ba Rao " , " cloth forgive " ; And the Va nationality that alliance, Meng Lianyi takes on the west first civilian profess again " A Wa " , " strap Wa " etc. Until after liberating, just be called by all " the Va nationality " . Net of QHV China dancing
An A Wa that in the god beautiful gorge performs tells a reporter, "Wood is roused " since has been saved this a group of things with common features of first ancestor " wooden chamfer " , be strong matrix is reincarnate, it is " Muyiji " living ground of the soul, and the exceeding lofty or great that becomes everythings on earth to grow thriftily is magical implement. Accordingly, behave with dancing form from " wood is roused " make, to finally with knock " wood is roused " will communicate deities, and those who achieve goal of god-given Fu Ze " wood is invigorated " , it is the indispensable dancing in sacred activity. As the progress of the times, the Va nationality is factitious make " wood is invigorated " get be abundanced further in form and dancing vocabulary respect, added woman of the Va nationality again in dancing " swing hair " movement, no matter be male,be female so, have long hair of Hei Youliang. And person of the Va nationality is the United States with having black color of skin, no matter men and women can have a single person with oneself,skin darkly and proud. Come for the sake of can letting swing the start that send dance more beautiful. Throwing hair dance is from amusement sex dancing. Differ with other dancing, nimble ox after sacred, old person is dead, lid bridal chamber, marriage is festival do not jump this dance. And in other time, any circumstances can jump this dance. Net of QHV China dancing
Net of QHV China dancing
What the reporter sees what they jump this is greet distance visitor throw hair dance. They are wearing him nation the dress of particular distinguishing feature, the first take right leg right on inclined ahead one pace, ancon of both hands music is lifted to head inclined upper part, body hind is admired; The 2nd pat left calcaneal to step one pace, both hands is swung to back inclined lower part, body pitch. Relapse so, behavioral law and smooth. The lead a chorus of the person that dancing is roused with knocking wood and everybody stamp a part and the song is accompany, next rhythm ground switch is worn grow long hair, the hair is in they to the top of one's bent below switch, those who change is so elegant, mixing the wooden drum of Dong Dong and often tall throat singing, hurrah. Net of QHV China dancing
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