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Northeast yangko

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The folk dance of northeast area has yangko, dragon lantern, land boat, attack the tumble of butterfly, 2 people, rod that hit a flower, step on stilt to wait, coordinate a show together more, a general designation is " yangko " . Yangko air is fluent, rhythm is lively and concise, the attitude with its prosperous occasion, rich dancing vocabulary, full interest and clever and lively performance style, all through the ages gets of people love. Net of CmH China dancingNet of CmH China dancing
Northeast yangko has long history, it is the artistic wealth that long-term creation accumulates northward working people, its traceable transplants rice seedlings the labor of agrarian cropland lives, mix again ancient time is sacred farming god is invocatory bumper harvest, the odic, song averting by prayers that sings when pray blessing calamity averting by prayers is concerned, draw the craft of wushu of farming song, water chestnut song, folk, acrobatics and opera and shape ceaselessly in developing a process, thereby by the song and dance of general a kind of folk that sings yangko to develop love of broad today masses. Net of CmH China dancingNet of CmH China dancing
Today's northeast yangko form is humorous, the color is distinctive, the black land of length and breadth of land gifts it is honest and the intelligence of animals of bold and unconstrained and amorous feelings, an organic whole of forceful of be in harmony, humorous, gentle and quiet, firm overweight, enthusiasm of will northeast people is plain, firm soft and the incisively and vividly that the disposition feature brandish of aid asperses. Firm in become warped in the stalk in billow, billow, stalk, walk in board on, twist go up in the waist, it is the biggest characteristic of northeast yangko. In the meantime, pattern is various " the flower in the hand " , rhythm is lively and rich stretch drumbeat, funny, spruce, deep and remote, firm, beautiful metrical, it is the characteristic of northeast yangko. Net of CmH China dancingNet of CmH China dancing

Net of CmH China dancing

Net of CmH China dancing
Whenever weigh big red-letter day, people organizes yangko performance and game can initiatively. The dress colour of yangko team is rich and gorgeous, give priority to with Thespian dress more. Can judge character role from attire, have " on the west travel notes " medium the Tang Dynasty sky of monk, Sun Wu, pig 8 give up and sanded monk, " white snake is passed " medium white a polite form of address for a young woman, Xu Xian, still Bao Zheng, Chen Shimei, Qin Xianglian waits, the enthusiastic and lively, come to an agreement that accompanying achieve of gong, beat, small cymbals, suona horn to go out in succession is interesting and the melody of bump billow is light start off. In all sorts of dancing blame in order to step on lion of dragon of stilt, dance, dance, run land boat is most famous, these dancing are lively, skill is high, modelling beauty, love by masses. Net of CmH China dancing
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