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Of minority dancing dress " ancestor " with " change "

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As the development of dancing art, of increasing former zoology, the form of square minority dancing that amuse oneself, via professional dancing playwright-director is adapted, creation, by professional dance person performance, had professional and artistic level, be moved arena, present the artistic style with many colorful appearance. Net of AZ5 China dancing
Net of AZ5 China dancing
Make creation folk dance in minority square dancing while, its dancing dress also produced tremendous change, show " remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes " characteristic, arena of adumbrative minority dancing dress is changed, art is changed, the development way that dancing changes. Net of AZ5 China dancing
Net of AZ5 China dancing
  One, minority dancing dress -- the nation is full-dress net of AZ5 China dancing
Net of AZ5 China dancing
Our country minority often placed good wish 100000 in dancing of have the aid of of festival auspicious day, convey the mood of joyous amusement, formed the form of square folk dance that has distinguishing feature each. Because of different environment, live belief of means, religion, life is consuetudinary, aesthetic psychology, the ethical red-letter day that formed each elegant demeanour is full-dress. These nations are full-dress in dancing of square be been in by wide application, they are decorated in appearance of collocation of dress design, colour, grain, adorn taste modelling and even whole to wear on outfit style, covered the daily form of minority dress already, assemble the elite of minority dress, had the ethical figure token with each minority the most intuitionistic dress consequently. The design of dress of stage people dance is a foundation with this, accordingly, district sex nation fills apparel to have the feature of unripe activation. Net of AZ5 China dancing
Net of AZ5 China dancing
Examine each minority full-dress, although its form is made numerous brief differ, but because be each nation,in its important part daytime performance closes in place wearing dress, have adornment consequently grain appearance heavy and complicated, adorn article adorn numerous characteristic. Net of AZ5 China dancing
Net of AZ5 China dancing
In addition, each minority dancing, came 100000 Dou Yixi celebrates body and mind of festival, recreation, pray auspicious avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease for the onefold content mode with changeless follow. For example Dai peacock dance: In Dai culture, the peacock is lucky, of peace, goodness and impressive manner and influence indicative, it is the delegate of beautiful He Zhihui, accordingly, the dancing that imitates a peacock lasts long all the time. The emersion in the folk dance art that how produces in each minority the characteristic of dress of each nation tradition, and accord with times feeling, must from art aesthetic with fictitious dancing act artistic effect sets out, undertake hyperbole, mutation is mixed rich. But all change, must be to be below the premise that respects traditional dress, namely " remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes " . Net of AZ5 China dancing
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