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Dress of the Tatar nationality -- chic dancing

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One, net of dancing of China of ethical culture S5GNet of S5G China dancing
The Tatar nationality, one of Chinese minority. According to 1990 count of the 4th census of countrywide, share 4873 people. Basically distributing the strange stage of city of and other places of city of the Yi Li in the The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, tower, Aletai, Urumqi and Chang Jizhou, Jimusaer a pasturing area of two counties. Net of S5G China dancingNet of S5G China dancing
"Dadaer " be a nation profess. History of the Tatar nationality is long, much transcribe of book of literary history of our country Chinese is " Tartar " or " Da Da " . 15 centuries middle period, the Volga of administer of institute of state of sweat of account of gold of Mongolia of Ceng Zaixi day, Ka Mahe is taken, had built nation of sweat of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting. 19 centuries middle period rises, person of Er of partial tower tower is stemmed from be in business wait for the purpose that fend gradually Xinjiang of ingoing our country, become one of Chinese minority then. Net of S5G China dancingNet of S5G China dancing
The Tatar nationality has his language, chest language raises Austronesian of Tujue of phylum of peaceful of the Er that belong to A on the west, have the character that is a foundation with Arabia letter. Because hand in wrong live together for a long time with the Uygur nationality, the Kazak nationality, the language of these two nations and character also are reason gradually the Tatar nationality is used in social intercourse. Belief of the Tatar nationality is Mohammedan. Net of S5G China dancingNet of S5G China dancing
Commerce is the traditional economy with the mainest the Tatar nationality, farming animal husbandry and handicraft industry are resided next. Partial person pursues culture education and job of science and technology for a long time also. Net of S5G China dancingNet of S5G China dancing
People of the Tatar nationality can dance of song be apt to, in Xinjiang, without giving thought to which brother people, want to hold celebration and wedding only, little not composition of performance the Tatar nationality, sing folk song of the Tatar nationality, jump dancing of the Tatar nationality. Net of S5G China dancingNet of S5G China dancing
The dancing of the Tatar nationality is used to according to the tradition, the hero in dancing is acted by the woman. Its dancing characteristic is: The action is quick, lively and changeful. Action of department of man much leg, ministry of woman much hand and lumbar movement. Dance music is general rhythm is bright, relaxed and happy. Musical air and dancing figure are very beautiful touching. Dancing of the Tatar nationality has extensive of a mass character, when the festival is festival people still holds dance contest, especially annual the grand meeting that spring holds -- " the section that scatter a class " , plow scolex namely, they always should choose the place with a picturesque scenery, to the top of one's bent the dance since joyous song, be like crazy be like drunk. Net of S5G China dancingNet of S5G China dancing
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