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Shanghai talks about Yang Liping " former zoology " why welcome

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  Hold to reinstate country actorNet of VNF China dancing

No matter be " Yunnan image " or " hide a mystery " , yang Liping insists to search an actor in the village of minority. Often somebody can ask Yang Liping: "Why when actors are being performed, is smile always so so sunshine, bright? " Yang Liping replies: "She (he) people follow elder to learn to sing in the village as a child dance. These accumulated hundreds of years to go up the song of chiliad and dance, blended in her already (he) people life. " she points out, actors the one action of stagewise one type, not be to teach come out, however of life vocal, "I just teach these youth stagewise how to appear come out, go touching an audience, as to the condition that responsory jumps, it is to melt in the blood of actors. " she says: "Alleged ' former zoology ' , it is the manner with person vivid opposite, mix to adoring naturally of opposite life comprehend. " net of VNF China dancing

Net of VNF China dancing

Yang Liping is photographed in the Guo Xinyang of reporter of take a photo as a souvenir when ShanghaiNet of VNF China dancing

  The village is searched abstain musical instrumentNet of VNF China dancing

She tells a reporter, in the dorp of a minority of Yunnan border land, the villager people can make percussion instrument with bamboo pole, arboreous, stone, "Previously, they can choose large tree seriously, next whole village dispatchs, dance round large tree, throw an egg, next koradji powwow. Cut large tree after coming down, careful hollow out, immerse a few years in water again, let insect gnaw bite, make percussion instrument finally. " the musical instrument of such intention make it, can produce a kind of divine move of course in villager memory. "But, this kind of process is already very few now, I see young people uses joining together of a few three-ply, paint on besmear again, became musical instrument, the sort of humanitarian composition had been done not have almost. " last year, yang Liping collected large quantities of one percussion instrument early or late in the village of each nations. She did not divulge what these musical instrument do to use, but can understand from her word, she is brewing new " former zoology " work. Net of VNF China dancing

From " Yunnan image " 2004 with " collect of former zoology singing and dancing " after name is published, these year, "Former zoology " arena program is increasing, yang Liping says frankly: "Now ' former zoology ' too hot too random also. Some ' former zoology ' program, the actor wears the dress of silk fabric, arena is done with gorgeous lighting and luxurious dance beauty. We won't drive that modern. " be in " Yunnan image " in song and dance of includes 10 many folks, yang Liping and everybody are to understand each folk seriously, "The dancing of the Yi nationality has 100 a variety of, we had overall pool, chose the limbs action of sex of a few features from which, workload is very big. No matter be,Yang Liping thinks " Yunnan image " or " Tibetan mystery " , it is " contain Troy highest ' former zoology ' work. " net of VNF China dancing
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