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"Yang Liping of peacock princess " : Former zoology is kind of lifestyle

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Collect of singing and dancing of large former zoology " Yunnan image " will 3 enter Shanghai great theater. At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 2 (on Feburary 8) to first 5 (on Feburary 11) , yang Liping will be changed once more " peacock princess " have dance lightly. Yesterday afternoon, yang Liping shows body Shanghai great theater, discuss the new plan that had New Year. Net of DRu China dancing
Net of DRu China dancing
Reflect network of dancing of China of DRu of life true colors with old song and dance and musical instrument
Net of DRu China dancing
Last year, newest work of Yang Liping " Tibetan mystery " appear, and " Yunnan image " same, the full-bodied and pure former zoology breath that each audiences that had seen Yang Liping work are sent out to go out by its moves. And be in " Tibetan mystery " rehearse while, work of another of Yang Liping former zoology also is in brew in. Yang Liping tells a reporter, "89 months time was spent to collect musical instrument of a lot of minority from Yunnan folk before, the song pantomime that plan creation gives priority to with the percussion instrument such as beat. " net of DRu China dancing
Net of DRu China dancing
Yang Liping says: "Every minority has their peculiar sundry musical instrument, a lot of musical instrument make technology masterly, culture is long. " Yang Liping ever had seen a kind of strike, arrive from draw materials, treatment make should spend several years of time. She says: "This kind of sculpture and the dancing that the craft that make jumps like me are same, having dinkum and clinging power. " but she also sees, "This kind of craft and culture also are in prediction of a person's luck in a given year, a lot of people use three-ply hank, one hammer now with respect to make it beat, the person of the outside is unidentified also Bai Gan the time that wants a flower on a few years makes a musical instrument. " Yang Liping points out, "A lot of people are arguing the thing that should see former modes of life and relation to their environment, and place before when these things, they do not understand however. " she says, "Former zoology is the dribs and drabs that happens beside, it is a kind of lifestyle. " " no matter be me,the singing and dancing of pitch on still is musical instrument, because they are enough and old,be, mirror the life true colors of those crowds, had enough life content, just have enough culture content. " net of DRu China dancing
Net of DRu China dancing
Will build " museum " net of dancing of China of DRu of singing and dancing of theatrical reservation former zoology
Net of DRu China dancing
Nowadays, "Former zoology " a label that resembles Yang Liping, want respecting Yang Liping only, can think of her that is divine and singing and dancing of this former really zoology. But people is unavoidable also and worried, if Yang Liping did not jump, can we still see these former zoology singing and dancing? Yang Liping is gratified is: "Yunnan will build a theater that is similar to museum, save these former zoology singing and dancing come down, such, even if after 100 years me already be dead, people still can see these singing and dancing. " look in Yang Liping, "Respect former zoology to be equal to esteem life and nature. " in modern culture more and more develop today, "Former zoology lets people return to germ, saying like a foreign audience in that way, " Yunnan image " letting me feel to leave land is so close. " net of DRu China dancing
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