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Soybean beans special interview: Extemporaneous when I am one branch pen a Chine

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"In life and stand year, I stand to go up in world stage eventually, jumping Chinese dancing. " -- dancer soybean beans is domestic dance can hold the position of in world stage in altar presiding a when get dance alone seedling. What no matter be Athenian Olympic Games,go up is cosmopolitan appear, still be in new York story of cosmopolitan explanation China, seek Tan Dun from Zhang Yi, almost when artists of all Chinese a gleam of think of to cooperate with dancer " the first person selected " it is a beans. "I want to seek the visual sense of a kind of music all the time, and his body is rhythm, he makes me gutty scoop up the feeling of the needle in the sea. " Tan Dun describes soybean beans so. Net of 7Cx China dancing
Net of 7Cx China dancing
Soybean beans sees first, he is managing to do the bingle that net alls alone, very straight body appearance is faint the temperament that shows a soldier, face of a piece of baby and optimistic smile make he looks a lot of smaller than actual age. Net of 7Cx China dancing

Net of 7Cx China dancing

Extemporaneous feelingsNet of 7Cx China dancing
Net of 7Cx China dancing
"My wife often says she seemed to be married an old people, this old people loves to take a fancy to center stage 11 operas channel, like to wear in the home the Tang Dynasty boots of high ground of Beijing opera of outfit, sufficient pedal, still like to nod white sandalwood. " soybean beans is smiling to say, "My native place is in Wen Zhou. In one's childhood I like to look most " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " , " say Yue Quanchuan " such comic, still like to see an uncle perform local drama. In this kind of small town most the creative work that the culture edification of guileless affected me and life. I go on sea route of flourishing the Huaihe River now, the old street with made of baked clay ash of birthplace blue bricks often still emerges in the heart. " net of 7Cx China dancing
Net of 7Cx China dancing
Home, with similar of fabaceous beans age in young dancer, a lot of person selected choose go abroad take advanced courses, international of close body check is contemporary dance develops tide. But fabaceous beans disapproves of nowadays to some of person is gone after painstakingly " the profundity of archaeology type " , seem to wish flat lever bier, look for a Tang Chao's person to jump gift is nice; Still some of person criterion overall is westernized, style and form and west are same, can saying even is be being imitated and copy. Soybean beans thinks, contemporary Chinese dancing, the angle that should stand in the world goes knowing those establish the tradition in Chinese blood arteries and veins. Net of 7Cx China dancing
Net of 7Cx China dancing
Soybean beans says, "Average person thinks modern dance comes from the west, but I think to take off shoe like Deng Ken, cast everything to be manacled needlessly, barefoot is extemporaneous have dance, actually China has in that way feelings more than 1000 years ago. For instance bamboo Lin Qixian, they live in seclusion mountain forest, drunk wine puts a song, have dance along with the heart, this kind of dance comes from a heart, the generation concept of as modern as the west dance is quite similar. Be just like the Gu Qin of Chinese ancient time again, it is with decreasing a word chart is mixed ' oral instruction heart is awarded ' the form circulates, so same a melody, will deduce a style to be able to differ by different person, same even individual is in different mood or different age level, the effect that deduces and state differ completely also. " respecting this, fabaceous beans stands up than delimiting, "I often imagine in the head when extemporaneous dancing I am one branch brush, a Chinese ink, I feel this is the contemporary Chinese dancing that I go after at present. " net of 7Cx China dancing
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