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On British arena " Oriental princess " (1)

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Go up century at the beginning of 50 time, the Chinese girl of a young beauty, carrying full travelling bag, set foot on the journey that heads for London alone, began the fortuitous meeting in her life. Net of Dak China dancingNet of Dak China dancing
She is beautiful and intelligent, nobility is elegant, she is British classmate eye is medium " Oriental princess " , it is the Chinese baby in western audience eye, she blossoms to go up in Thespian arena like a delicate and charming peony, be like one bark Qing Quan shedding drips to go up in big screen, her attractive appearance and masterly acting let common people remembers and fall in love with her. She calls Zhou Caiqin, it is the 3rd child of Zhou Xinfang of Great Master of our country famous Beijing opera and wife Qiu Lilin, probably her birth, adumbrative already the adventure of her lifetime. Pick from 2008 the 1st period " character " net of Dak China dancingNet of Dak China dancing
Celebrity parents, legend loveNet of Dak China dancingNet of Dak China dancing
Zhou Caiqin's father, it is the Zhou Xinfang of Beijing opera Great Master of famous, her maternal Qiu Lilin, it is young lady of Shanghai's brownstone at that time a thousand pieces of gold, their love, from illicit order lifelong, follow to photograph of life and death, also be the movement of a move one to praises and tears. Net of Dak China dancingNet of Dak China dancing
Go up century 229 time, beijing opera of the quintessence of a country entered period of at the height of power and splendour, zhou Xinfang is very famous at that time old boy, with its fine the appearance of an actor and outstanding music for voices in a Chinese opera, became the brilliance of the not decline to shoulder a responsibility on stage, begin active the large stage at Shanghai. Net of Dak China dancingNet of Dak China dancing
1928, the female school that Qiu Lilin of 18 years old just ran from popery of a France graduates, begin to appear in " 10 lis of metropolis infested with foreign adventurers " in genteel and social situation. The skin that gave Qiu Lilin Bai Xi from the 1/4 England blood relationship that accedes over there grandfather, abstruse eye and straight bridge of the nose, still have those elegant and modern dress, let her become beautiful goddess, attracted numerous hunter. But she, liked to go up in accidental playgoing however the Zhou Xinfang with fine the appearance of an actor, began lot of inextricability of their this lifetime from now on. Net of Dak China dancing

Although Zhou Xinfang already was reputation at that time far actor of sowed famous Beijing opera, but in brownstone look, he is nevertheless from beginning to end " play child " . And like Qiu Lilin such oneself conditions are mixed the daughter of an eminent family with domestic so advantageous condition, should choose childe of a teenager, make honour flourish wealth and rank " little madam " , perhaps choose a young diplomat that have powerful connections, become the diplomat madam that the head has a face... net of Dak China dancingNet of Dak China dancing
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