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How is the person that see dance hurt repeatedly drill repeatedly, cure person h

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Author brief introduction: Book of China of butterfly glacial a peak is in day of doctor, have oneself clinic, and love dance, to motion harm has distinctive research, hold the position of forum of Chinese dancing net now the edition of overseas edition advocate. The one fun in process of her practise medicine is below, bring us not little think: Net of 3Lv China dancing

Must use this the worst method (textual join: Http://

What sent a card to say some time ago is two ladies did not press a leg direct do the splits causes the body to get hurt. Among them that more seriousMs. B lets me feel frustrate sense especially. Net of 3Lv China dancing

After to me here came, I help her first time she mixes amlposition she does not have aching feeling after the muscle restoration that gives slot(Make up note: Should be us say normally be pulled, crossing what we say to seem is muscle is pulled, here is muscle. . .. , but right from beginning to end leg is ticked off do not rise, I think is the nerve that hurts the waist likely, advise in earnest so persuade her to say scarcely wants acrobatics, to the body a few time restore slowly. When after her glibly promises me, coming over again, I discover she is left the where of the leg is muscle gives slot, examine minutely she did not listen to my word to be denied by her glibly however. Such experience repeated me 4 times to see her do not agree obedient also tweak of it doesn't matter, after all the leg grows to go up in her body, OK and affirmative is her because do not have,listen to my word to just do not have evolutional so certainly, in a friend that so I introduce her to me over there wild gentleman, the disease that he injures to nerve is more complacent. Net of 3Lv China dancing
The phone of wild gentleman in crossing some of day to receive, if that lady comes over to look for what I must not receive her to make an appointment,say. Begin me to because just agreed,return unidentified Bai Yuan, taking on after all is not me, want to respect the family's opinion. A many month controls the past, this morningMs. B calls those who say I introduce her is medium wild gentleman is in embarrass her. She is right the leg still has been done not have, left hamstring has a trouble again, wild gentleman knows because of her not obedient ability has such result of course in. She follows in wild gentleman said left leg aches confoundedly a lot of times, the front carries the leg is connected90Degree do not arrive, can be medium wild gentleman says the right leg that waits for her is good, left leg nature is good. This falls
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