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Liu Yan, hold out!

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Net of RiF China dancing

Parents feels distressed the ground looks at a daughter. Net of RiF China dancing

ImageNet of RiF China dancing

ImageNet of RiF China dancing

Zhang Yi is sought say " be the darkest in the heart painful " net of RiF China dancing

The opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games August 8, left deep impression to whole world audience. In arena backside of brightness, countless people contributed his total force for this, returned somebody to make tremendous sacrifice even. She is dancer Liu cliff of 26 years old, for Olympic Games opening ceremony, ground of her willingly bear the burden of hard works shared earlier stage each job, although get hurt carelessly when rehearsal, turn a perch into possibly even the patient of paraplegia, but she however still firm. Hero of this brave behind the curtain, be sought to call by Zhang Yi " the fairy in filar road " . Net of RiF China dancing

Current, liu Yan is in 306 hospitals of Beijing to accept close cure. Get sufficient rest to can let her, the doctor declined of the reporter interview a request. Nevertheless as we have learned, liu Yan gets hurt this very serious, her thoracic vertebra eleventh section dislocation, although be in had accepted operation treatment for a short while, but her below half body has lost consciousness at present, the rehabilitation circumstance henceforth is not hopeful, will make the patient of an exalted paraplegia very likely. Net of RiF China dancing

What also did not have arena to go up again is brilliant, the has hard land and serious illness life-and-death only make a stand against that Liu Yan faces. And disclose according to personage of know the inside story, lang Kun just is directed to enter marital hall with the CCTV before long before Liu Yan. Mix to love in her when career happiness looks forward to, disaster comes unexpectedly. Net of RiF China dancing

Originally Liu Yan was on August 8 one of actors of opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, show song eye is solo dance " filar road " , cliff of Liu of this paragraph of dancing is early already know sth thoroughly at the bosom, the worst nevertheless place is, the arena below her foot is a floating platform, carry on the shoulder by masses actor. Liu Yan has dance above lightly, platform is subjacent slow shift, both between cooperate crucial. Net of RiF China dancing

And when rehearsing in the evening on July 27, happen unfortunately however accidentally. Liu Yan finishs at that time a bouncing movement, the foot just fell, platform had begun shift, liu Yan does not have stand firm, fell from 3 meters expensive platform, fall to the ground heavily, back as it happens overwhelmed laid is on ground orbit, at once insensible in the past. Net of RiF China dancing
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