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Zhang Jigang and white jade dish story

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From " painted scroll " arrive " Bai Yu dish device turning over a book " , chinese space technology is perfect deduce Beijing Olympic Games to arrive incomplete of abstruse meeting luxuriant " face about " . The group of 6 people technology of 699 factories finishs the 2nd academy of company of group of industry of Chinese spaceflight family satisfactorily " Bai Yu dish device turning over a book " development works, not disgrace mission. Net of Evz China dancing

The originality that a steamed bread causesNet of Evz China dancing

Speak of incomplete abstruse meeting opening ceremony, the Bai Yu that everybody cannot forget that is tremendous certainly dish device turning over a book. Little imagine, this originality comes from a steamed bread actually. Net of Evz China dancing

Incomplete the originality of abstruse meeting opening ceremony, how to come at first? Zhang Jigang never still has published this among them detail. Actually, return early in him was not appointed to be closure before one year of assistant total director, was born Bai Yu dish idea. Athenian Olympic Games concludes do not have a few months, olympic Games of mark of contest of liberation army system opens closure group to began to engineer. Net of Evz China dancing

"One lake water of Athens gets my turn from side to side terrible, that lake water is Aegean, make do very hard. I think, how can change this ground, form a kind of landscape, express a kind of concept? " attend a meeting one day, lunch is a steamed bread, zhang Jigang does not love to eat a steamed bread to staring at a steamed bread to look. Suddenly, "Hey, this steamed bread is good, it is good to magnify it magnify it. Too tall, must break come down. Break Debuqi with the hand, I let a person take a knife to come over whittle became neat. Take a pen above woof of the classics on the picture, it held water. " Zhang Jigang is imagined, whole stadium is the earth, let the ground bespread LED to display screen. "I just know later, in group of mark of countrywide all contest, liberation army group and Zhang Yi sought a group to think of to spread LED to display screen in the ground. " net of Evz China dancing

Olympic Games opening ceremony decides to display screen in ground laid LED, zhang Jigang him " steamed bread " design for the moment is put at the same time, but white Yu Panmo putting in his house all the time, terrible saw still cheat a cloth, appoint him to be the ability when abstruse meeting opening ceremony carries out incomplete to always be directed to lift cloth till the organization. Net of Evz China dancing

  Turn over its to and travel is likewise wonderfulNet of Evz China dancing

Zhang Jigang knows Olympic Games opening ceremony is surging forward with great momentum of course, be massiness. That incomplete the opening ceremony of abstruse meeting is about to monarch additionally path, with lightsome escape massiness, with tell about life escape to tell about the history, with the depth of the history of baronial escape nation that seeks astrospace and time. "Such, aesthetic direction is lightsome, warm, happy, romance surely. " incomplete the emblem of abstruse meeting is day, ground, person, then, the journey that performs content to be a space certainly further again, journey of time, journey of life. At that time, bai Yu dish specific the issue that how should use is put forward. Net of Evz China dancing
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