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Zhang Jigang unscrambles incomplete abstruse meeting opening ceremony

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Beijing 2008 incomplete abstruse meeting kicks off 6 days, the opening ceremony warmth of fairy tale style, romantic, touching, make a person impressive. The execution of this wonderful opening ceremony always is directed is Zhang Jigang. Net of YKD China dancing

Zhang Jigang of 50 years old is born in Chinese upper Shanxi to save this year, he begins 12 years old to learn dance, 17 years old begin dancing creative work. 30 come for years, he creates work of pantomime, operatic, melodrama, acrobatics, dancing to wait for nearly 300, work is performed in 60 many countries and area, have the honor to win include award of international gold clown, flange on the west republican president award inside domestic and international large award more than 30. Zhang Jigang expresses, oneself creation, basically depend on be being caught to the acumen of trifling matters of everyday life. Zhang Jigang says: "To an artist, what the life gives him is alimentary it is varied, an artist should maintain acumen forever. We often say to experience the life, why some people can catch a kind of special beauty in the life, some people however cannot. So I think an artist maintains) the discovery with the vivid opposite of acumen is very important. " net of YKD China dancing

Zhang Jigang was taken up the post of 1994 what hold in Beijing is far south disabled games opening ceremony always is directed, from now on the predestined relationship that he began to fall to indissoluble with disabled art form. Net of YKD China dancing

2000, the artistic Great Master such as the top-ranking playwright-director of artistic bound of China of Zhang Jigang contact, music, dancing, art, dress, elaborate scheme, for Chinese disabled art the group wove program of large music dance " my dream " . " my dream " the perfect union that is art and human nature, be welcomed by the audience, in global enjoy very tall reputation. Among them the most notable item is deaf person dancer performs " 1000 hands avalokitesvara " . Be in " 1000 hands avalokitesvara " in, the 20 many deaf-mute young men and women that wear aureate dress with the arm the modelling of 100 condition mixes 1000 appearance body Fu, admire, turn, the change of side, avalokitesvara of the 1000 hands in behaving buddhism alls over the theme that protects all living creatures with 1000 hands. Because the actor is a deaf-mute, do not hear music, the rule of metre He Yun that playwright-director needs a music and the understanding to work deliver them through sign language, the keep under control of rhythm He Yun that should allow an actor to bend over to feel music on sound box and floor even. Zhang Jigang says, in the process of the collaboration with disabled actor, oneself often are in a kind of state that is touched. Their body is misshapen, but their psychology is perfect, the spirit that they are brave in to challenge ego makes a person touch. Net of YKD China dancing

2004, " 1000 hands avalokitesvara " made improve, attended Athenian incomplete on behalf of China the closure show of abstruse meeting, resonant and enthusiastic. To the achievement of Chinese disabled art, zhang Jigang has feeling greatly. He says: "It is first-rate that I feel Chinese disabled art is round. The attention of this and Chinese government to the disabled and giving aid to is not divided. In our disabled backside, what still have each Chinese fields is first-rate the artist is supporting them. " net of YKD China dancing
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