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Unscramble poem of Chinese wind dancing " fresh gale song " the pen of medium w

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Went up in the season of show of the 4th international of Beijing of like a raging fire a few days ago, the poem of Chinese wind dancing that group of dance of youth of Beijing dancing institute rolls out " fresh gale song " the Han Fengchu charm that was Beijing performance market to bring a pure and fresh quietly elegant with its exquisite, plain tone, for a long time making a person is recalled. The story of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, we already familiar to the ear can detailed, bad of what actor what, everybody has to be estimated heart to heart oneself in the heart. Chuhan conflicting, Xiang Yu the Conqueror is not deduced of female singer repeatedly, bring us what already was head and shoulders above the history is true. Be like intercede feather " the song below Gai " the distress that behaved his loser, so Chinese of great-great-grandfather Liu state " fresh gale song " the desolate that showing another kind of winner when midstream innocently, can say a kind to it is lonesome, OKer appreciate it is to be in Bei is cool rise mediumly.

The history of agitate of wind and cloud, time brings a great change to the worlds evolves sadly contain is in this " fresh gale song " in big imagery that combines greatly. As the poet of main body Liu Bang adapted the history, promoted the process of the world, however he " below sob several " , in make vigorous efforts to turn the situation he mixes loneliness Bei is cool left oneself. " fresh gale song " experience the desolate that gave this heart needle to go up deeply just about, what ability seeks tragedy of Hunan Chinese contend for hegemony in Liu Bang's perspective is inevitable, in big fellow the world the long happy not ended of flourishing prosperity is become the loneliness that that times place of lieutenant general Wang Zhe gifts is caky, also fasten in the Xiang Yu the Conqueror of numerous version show itself among female singer, do not have the feeling that pick up phrases from others and show them off as one's own absolutely. From this one angle for, pantomime " fresh gale song " just be take dance with affection, do not break the example with true history again however.

The rise that Chinese generation is Chinese feudal society period, resemble the young period of a person, although be faced with,very much difficulty is mixed sealed, but show hopeful spirit in the longing to future however, regard generation as imperial Liu Bang, although experience wind and cloud fugacious miserable, also ask so that can defend the brave warrior of all directions. Generation Chinese wind has Chu Piao's temperament not only, have development weather more. "Long happy not ended " the hope for that mirrorred that times to live to happiness from a flank and active and aspirant manner. Be this is developed Chinese below Shi Tian, bring millennium for common people Chinese great-great-grandfather, always be in alone when uprise desolate and Bei cool leave oneself, otherwise he also won't be in Bacchic when below sob several, mutter chant " since fresh gale Yun Feiyang " . This field evening party is chosen Chinese a certain time after unify the whole country of ascend the throng of great-great-grandfather Liu state, in a gaudy that palace holds. But this is not dance shows a simple banquet have a life of pleasure, undertook artistic processing however, in happy dance in undertaking, create however those who give a look back is visional and spatio-temporal, both hands in photograph echo. Playwright-director general this hero is reductive became laic, let him celebrate joyously lieutenant general majesty to leave world in the whole nation, savour alone however lonely, altitude deeply cold. The Xiang Yu in the heart came, went, yu Ji came, also went, once " my abundant of sacrifice oneself ala is fair " be dead, in those days the friendly feelings of family dependant family dependant of Han Xin, Xiao He to him such a Wang Zhe already also turned dirt smoke person futile, in the rumble battle drum of a symbol of war, he alone uprise stage, sorrowful like that below tears. It is just about in this kind of affection, each dance paragraph arrangement just had be contacted immanently and do not show curt, make thought and emotional one integrated mass.
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