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Hundred years although die,division still is in -- gleaning of thought of art o

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The morality of Mr. Xiao Bang, bearing, regard generation as the model of bookman, cross in the one wave height after founding a state " motion " in, what know with respect to us " celebrity " , have almost hard piece its are right person; The thought of Mr. Xiao Bang highs moral principle, as modern fortune of spirit of the brushstroke in dancing history, the pupil child after my generation founds a state, look at its a person's back self-consciously hard, can get its the one wool of 9 oxen, also enough brandish writes a free from vulgarity life. Art needs the mind that glittering and translucent get rid of appears, be like crazy like arrogant pursuit, its transcendental and free from vulgarity state, be in again heart not by look for, accomplish hard especially " person and not be an official " . Since through the ages, the salary of fame and gain of careless Gou Yugong of unworthy battalion person, rare visitor also is in annals of history. The artist does not have the true of oneself, why from reflect skill in the character and morals of on the up-and-up?

Found a state first (1950, 1952) class of carry of dance with sth in one's hands of department of Thespian institute dancing does author centrally the student of Mr. Xiao Bang, be encircle into dancing first; Also be Mr. Xiao Bang is known first this celebrity. Because still be taken,forbid an idea to whether work all along unfamiliar " dancing goes " , be in numerous " fellow " in, I am not good student of the teacher absolutely, issue force experienced dance involuntarily already, mr. Xiao Bang that is new dance founder allegedly to also feels fancy only. Although all without exception is respected, however eye of narrow one's eyes looks on. An appraise sth through discussion that ear time place hears is to say Mr. Xiao Bang has a place " strange " , it is to honour, it is to demote, still do not have temporarily ginseng realize.

The gentleman lets classmates do make up achieve do exercises in composition, do not know everybody why to happen to coincide the ground is made up equestrian. Because learn,perhaps pass " E Lunchun " , have imitative and equestrian action; My criterion is used write achieved class hour, hide to the dormitory, lie on the bed to shut the eye carries Tang poetry on the back. When by accusatorial: "How do you sleep to become aware greatly? " time say: "Without, I am being conceived. " arrive a class, the gentleman wants one by one check was judged, soon everybody take turns " equestrian " , come suddenly brainwave, extemporaneous came to a paragraph " ride an ass " -- you are equestrian I ride an ass. The commment of gentleman of solid difficult anticipation is unexpectedly: "Good! Have originality! " classmates know I provoke one type " design " all be in " close a key point " conception, have the angry that nod angry at my praise and honor to the gentleman like that, and I, know a gentleman to won't not look to go out oneself " ride an ass " hiding speak those who make fun of is mischievous, a bagatelle, the gentleman's manner caused my amazed! To graduation, I am under gaze many a list of things, got diploma " L " date, continue to stay school. Why? Through " the organization decides " , my for a long time is pondering the expectation of Mr. Xiao Bang to me and assess. Pass through expectation and assess again, understand the situation of have found a superior appreciative of one's ability.
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