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Shallow analyse " ballad of home of the She nationality " the meaning of creati

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" ballad of home of the She nationality " the play staff carries on gritty ethos, wrote poem of dancing of 4 act She nationality successfully " ballad of home of the She nationality " , at representing Zhejiang in September 2006 the province attends minority of the 3rd whole nation literary joint performance, have the honor to win 13 award such as creation gold prize, caused intense echo, to publicize She nationality culture, reveal beautiful water elegant demeanour to make positive contribution.

One, far-reaching meaning

1, promoted culture of She nationality characteristic. " ballad of home of the She nationality " the most striking feature, it is with the nation characteristic is given priority to, complementary with terrain distinguishing feature. On dancing creation, in aggrandizement She nationality " sit stay a step " , " swing pace " bold innovation undertakes on the foundation that waits for dancing vocabulary, blend in the folk dance element of Ou river drainage area among them, gift new idea; With She nationality music the element is fundamental key on musical creative work, stress distinguishing feature of She nationality music, complementary the folk song with Ou river drainage area, a work song sung to synchronize movements, in order to highlight characteristic of environment of its zone modes of life and relation to their environment, abound and developed She nationality music.

2, made brand of green cereal culture. " ballad of home of the She nationality " creation target is to make master piece of high-quality goods of green cereal culture. High-quality goods of culture of this green cereal will become afterwards " wind of hill of the She nationality " another piece after He Lishui photographs " golden calling card " , become to publicize culture of distinguishing feature of beautiful water district, show scene of spirit of beautiful water people, serve the main brand that society of beautiful water economy develops.

3, the beauty that promoted beautiful water praise degree. From " ballad of home of the She nationality " since a list of plays is performed, had more than 100 more than 20 media, news to publicize report " ballad of home of the She nationality " . Arrive from city class provincial till arrive,the conduct propaganda of CCTV, the press reports, make " ballad of home of the She nationality " the itself that created a meaning to surmount its a list of plays, walked out of literary category, entered more extensive field. " ballad of home of the She nationality " to complete province, whole nation conduct propaganda showed beautiful water, conduct propaganda revealed She nationality, let more person feel She nationality, cognitive beautiful water.

4, exercised culture backbone procession. " ballad of home of the She nationality " the play staff acts 95 times in achieving personnel, except hires actor of two a total director, leading role outside, of the others is to come from an our city group the non-professional of institute of article system, beautiful water, or for playwright-director, or for compose, or design of the beauty that it is dance, prop, dress is made, or for the actor. Their artistic accomplishment got in creation of a list of plays harden oneself is mixed rise. These spare actors pass nearly 4 months " devil type " train, already very the flavour of part major actor, take exercise for the our city fostered backbone of culture of a batch of masses.
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