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Does Chinese dancing teach whereto? (Graph)

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The article examines Chinese dancing to teach the problem of existence with contemporary orchestic perspective, expectation can discover Chinese dancing teachs the dense disease of idea and body strung, make Chinese dancing teachs heavy model a healthy body. Net of Kzg China dancingNet of Kzg China dancing
One, educational premise: KNet of Zg China dancingNet of Kzg China dancing
What kind of dancer to foster? Net of Kzg China dancingNet of Kzg China dancing
Be in early 20 centuries are earlier, modern dancer of the United States has realised classical ballet is one grows not big Sleeping Beauty. This understanding is including the understanding to dancing nature, spoken parts in an opera why can serve as an art to dancing namely and exist up to now a kind deep-felt think. But the creative idea that this kind of understanding is not is 20 centuries artist, they just go besides come for years " dancing is amusement person only " this kind of idea is right of dancing nature obstruct just. Just think, primitive ancestor people have dance to God, when expectation gains some kind of divine strength, dancing is the behavior with august what kind! The contribution with the modern dance more important motion of 20 centuries depends on, the problem that it makes dancing serves as the independent art of an arousal to face human oneself and state keep abreast of an interpose. What is it ponders over the body afresh, the relation of the body and ego, the relation of the body and nature and society, think this kind the means that uses the body to show the public, also opened the visual field with new public from now on. This kind ponders over the rational ding that accompanying contemporary and artistic motion, for the first time will " individual " the position that dancing puts in the understanding that be mixed by esteem. This is meant, dancing entered unprecedentedly " person " and rather than " god " times. "Of the body, of the person " ego arousal also becomes 20 centuries orchestic thereby a grand theme, orchestic history course also from now on by advanced one step ahead greatly. The arousal of this kind of person facilitated the consciousness of dancing nature, became the fundamental premise that dancing nature is discovered. This also is people is opposite long-term since the think over and examines minutely result of dancing appearance. Because this kind examines minutely, the artist is the tool of amusement person no longer, offer the target of person pastime, serve as special existence however, taking the eye that surmounts an ordinary person and attitude, the actual mankind that is invade and exploit of the money that be mixed by content desire offerred the sky of one party poetic flavour, the home that a spirit perchs! This is orchestic dignity, also be the dignity that dancer regards an artist as. Lost this kind of dignity, dancer lost a sense as the artist, can degenerate afresh only amusement person condition, art also is the rice bowl of burnt mouth of an in order to merely. Net of Kzg China dancingNet of Kzg China dancing
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