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The comparison that teachs from thing dancing sees dancing popularize the talent

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Summary: On the comparison that teachs teacher and student from thing dancing, will analyse China's current dancing to popularize compound education issue of the talent. The article emphasizes the education of dancing handsome appearance wanting to produce good interactive relationship with social demand. Nod to be cut with particular education segment, from main curricular setting, the society of the specific education process of classroom and student carries out 3 link to undertake elaborating an analysis, explored gain ground dancing the possibility that target of this one explicit education fulfils the talent to use main segment to specific fact and feasibility. Net of Fsk China dancing

Keyword: Dancing popularizes compound education

Dancing is phenomenon of culture of a kind of society, the dancing nature that leaves generation as setting of different society culture is having different pattern. To different culture we more it is esteem, and dancing education because originally of basis environment differ to also present an a variety of difference to also feel strange with respect to inadequacy. The hope passes the different phenomenon that compares education of thing quadrille skip, analyse among them origin, explore what can be the west that we draw lessons from to gain ground model the original intention that dancing education is this article.

Oriental culture values a tradition, the greatest respect that our dancing education also offerred the education concept to for generations copy, education the means. Western culture takes investigation seriously, like to conclude mediumly from market research, include among them from inside the society as far as possible understand this society what to need after all. Face the market by the plan when dancing, the market becomes the target that we study to the demand of dancing handsome appearance. All need dancing, longing learns orchestic person is the target that we serve, if say the school is a factory we are then accountability and the dancing talented person that must produce a social place demand, we should cater to this market to also want education to develop this market at the same time. The dancing of high-grade of this market need only just, the dancing that also needs compound sex popularizes a talent. Pursueing dancing education in the 90% above in graduate of our country orchestic at present, and this scale has 60% above to teach the job in the dance that has popular a gender again among them. And the practical educational step that lacks pair of this respects in the light of this final result, a lot of graduate are he try to work at the same time at the same time, at the same time be rebuffed, grow at the same time. We are installed from course below, education content, the respect such as social practice analyses dancing to popularize compound sex of the talent to foster quite.

One, dancing gains ground model curricular setting of the talent

In education dancing gains ground model below the education target that the talent makes clear this, all education processes should match to it. Actually, education dancing gains ground model in the target of dancing education training that the talent is in our country not scarce, and true this target system specific now course is installed and the example in education link is not much. Yang Baihan university of the United States is the example that American dancing popularizes education, in the day that I learned over in May to of the same age in January 2005, sufficient feeling got education link and the height that develop a target are united, the education of creativity, organize the education of ability, the education of communication ability is reflected was in in each course of each teacher. Show to list the setting of a few main special training course and brief introduction as follows:
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