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Shallow the quality education in talking about children dancing to teach

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Artistic education is the main component that quality teachs, artistic education is very deep to the person's action. Dancing is one of class with the most ages ago history in of all kinds art, it is people expressive affective is the oldest also be the directest good form. A person of academic or artistic distinction calls dancing " artistic mother " . Dancing education is will behave art of person mind emotive with limbs language of the person, because this somebody calls dancing human body is body art, artistic; The person is in the beauty in motion is most let a person one's mind disturbed. So, return what someone says dancing art to be " beautiful art " . Net of SrH China dancing

Dancing art grows to children body, the respect such as harmonious, imagination, creativity and intellective development is having accomplishment of moral quality, oneself, good constitution, body very big stimulative effect. Dancing education is had drive little a lot of and potential dominant position that quality improves in the round, it is a kind of recreational activities that children love, also be the good step that executive quality teachs. Dancing teachs education to teach the function in the process in children quality, I have the following view: Net of SrH China dancing

One, beneficial improves the health, raise net of dancing of China of physiology quality SrH

Dancing training follows athletic sports same, conduce to the healthy growth of children. Be like: Dancing quality training presses all sorts of leg, tricks that play leg and shoulder, bosom, waist, coxa to go up mediumly to practice reaching pair of child ligament, sarcous to extend training to follow sports training to having close connection etc. Dancing originates the life, however prep above lives, it should lean the body the harmonious movement of each place, will behave all sorts of beauty. Harmonious sex of the movement trains the development that conduces to children cerebra; Long-term training increases the child's endurance and flexibility effectively, those who conduce to children body is strong and handsome, develop figure of immanent temperament, beautification, raise a person to be admired to oneself with self-confident heart. Make the body fictile of children more forceful thereby, limbs is more agile, the body each place is more harmonious. Net of SrH China dancing

2, raise children imagination, creativity, increase memory, stimulative intelligence develops network of SrH China dancing

Dancing itself provided the wide world space that develops imagination, creativity for people, because have this scope of operation, often each child includes everybody to be opposite work of each each dance movement, dancing even dancing feeling is met have understand and experience differently. I try to change me-too education form, turn education process into the activity that children probes actively. Teaching for instance " batman " when, I first activate scene: "Each is small the girl handsome, beautiful batman takes dress to go up on foot, their heroic bearing ofs material bearing, extremely perky, drew the attention of a lot of people------. " the teacher's beautiful language, vivid description brings children in the scene, children appear oneself wore the batman with neat all over the body to take have dance lightly. Experience the sort of sufferring what everybody pays close attention to is perky with active. Make them sufficient develop him imagination to behave, arouse study interest of the child, capture its emulative heart makes the student is participated in actively, throw actively. Can increase their memory again from this, where is what is there against it? Net of SrH China dancing
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