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The exploration that dancing teachs learns in

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Summary: In the fundamental education of uptodate China, because active education system reachs the limitation of the element such as the lack of subjective consciousness, go up in the setting of dancing course very not perfect complete even negligence, this is going up somehow those who reflected what quality teachs is misshapen. Misshapen quality education is the quality education on real significance anything but. This shows, dancing is begun in the middle school education, offerring dancing course is imperative. Net of HuA China dancing
Net of HuA China dancing
Keyword: Net of dancing of China of HuA of class of dancing education, dancing learns in
Net of HuA China dancing
Dancing is the mankind's earliest artistic expression form. It is abstraction of a kind of course, organization and artistic treatment, have the model of human body movement of rhythm, the thought feeling that can express a person and the integrated and artistic form that reflect a society. In the historical data that already can dig, the mankind is in primitive phase, it is even before producing a language, had learned to use dancing (limbs movement) the idea that conveys oneself or affection. Say so, dancing is the mankind and unripe a kind of had capacity or it is a hobby. It is perforative whole development process of the mankind, it is the indispensable one part in human culture art. Net of HuA China dancing
Net of HuA China dancing
Entered 21 centuries, "Advance quality to teach in the round " deepen further, its are essential the purpose makes quality of student thought moral character, scientific culture and body and mind, aesthetic, labor gets rising namely, become rational to want, have morality, literate, have discipline, be brave in the builder of the socialistic modernization career of practice, development innovation and successor. The process is here medium, the special effect of aesthetic education gets the wide attention of people. Place of Central Committee of Communist Party of China of no less than, the State Council promulgates " decision " in be said: "Aesthetic education not only can edify sentiment, improve quality, and conduce to development intelligence, develop the effect that cannot replace in the round to promoting a student. Want to change the condition of weakness of job of school aesthetic education as soon as possible, teach school of enter a school of aesthetic education be in harmony whole process. " the content of aesthetic education is very rich, the form is very much also. Commonly music, dancing, art waits. And dancing serves as an among them course, there is the special education effect that other subject cannot replace in quality education. Dancing education sets out from human body with its unique kind, music of be in harmony and art at among them, pass the whole body cooperate, the limbs perception to musical rhythm, to dimensional consciousness suit etc, make cerebrum is in imperceptible in got taking exercise all-aroundly, make the student is experienced with the body with open means of another kind of thinking. Dancing teachs pair of student bodies taking exercise is self-evident. Besides can fitness, enhance the person's constitution, still its distinctive recreation, aesthetic action is waited a moment. The function that dancing teachs is comprehensive, it is other headings in an account book cannot be replaced. Net of HuA China dancing
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