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Education of dancing of shallow Tan Shaoer and intelligence are developed

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Xia Qiuzhi was handed in 2005, greeted achievement of education of dancing of system of Beijing outside school to show an activity. This is the season of a results really, system of Beijing outside school 5, 60 units entered this activity, collected children of on 1000 teenagers, showed state of respective dance appearance dance youngly. The experience that shows an activity to make me deeper through this achievement arrives, little the art that dancing education is the United States, to teenager children, it is having the function that aesthetic education teachs. It is OK to be taught through aesthetic education the heart of beautification children, edify their sentiment, foster them the understanding of beautiful to nature, artistic beauty and appreciation ability, raise pair of beauty and spirit of the ugly, be apt to and evil knowledge competence, creation thinking ability to fostering children and innovation to having very big effect. Net of C9w China dancing

Nowadays the development as the society, the talent of high quality more and more get all trades and professions take seriously. Accordingly, now socially more and more parents send the child into all sorts of art to groom class, some children should learn even 2, 3 artistic classes. With respect to children dancing, in last few years class of Children's Palace dancing also presents a front that have too many visitors or business to deal with, everybody feels dancing besides can exercise, still can let the child become cleverer, become more beautiful. Be engaged in with respect to oneself below little body talk of ten years selects dancing teacher and student view. Net of C9w China dancing

One, the memory that dancing education can raise children. Net of C9w China dancing

The dancing education of Children's Palace has two big characteristics: It is age span big. Small to the children before school age (4, baby of 5 years old) , arrive greatly 12, pupil of 13 years old. 2 it is to train time weak point, intermittent time is long. Normally every weeks of activity, every time activity also two, 3 hours, whether to learn, remember, 5 days are lain between to attend class to whether still can jump again when, want to rely on the child's memory greatly. As the teacher, we should be good at inspire and encouraging them, develop their interest, the participation that causes them consciousness, make the cerebra of student often is in active and active position, achieve exert a subtle influence on to improve the function that remembers ability thereby. Children's Palace whenever the section celebrates a holiday to often want rehearse new program, take exercise in what mental rehearse centers inside short time make children nurturance attend class the good convention that concentrates energy. According to my understanding and observation, always the child that dancing jumps well, be in the school often also is the good student of be among the best of candidates. Although Children's Palace is not a purpose in order to foster professional actor, but the outside school inside school is literary the active dancing key member on arena, go out 100 percent almost from our Children's Palace, they are a powerful force on construction spiritual civilization. Additional, each student of artistic school is in before was not being admitted, their illuminative cradle is to be in Children's Palace mostly. Take in recent years example will show this, the student Sun Yupan that we foster, she with the solid basic skill that acquires in Children's Palace, of the movement reach the designated position reach substantial expressional power, acute dancing feels, outstanding study achievement, be admitted by school of key high school. Play game of dancing of section of art of Beijing middle and primary school, the class that capture city is second-class award. This plants this specification dancing special of individual plant exercising means to be developed to the child's intelligence have profit very much. Net of C9w China dancing
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