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Special performance of work of dancing of the Xiaolong that judge a seedling "

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The school gives a person, parents is contributive, playwright-director heart gas is gentle the dancing evening party of elaborate burnish, this is in extravagant nowadays on the platform of Chinese contemporary dance of become a common practice, eager for quick success and instant benefit, can weighs enough alien! Make up repeatedly belt guide, present as leading role to act the leading role, dress, prop, lamplight is designed all out is same person, this divides the work nowadays on the platform of Chinese contemporary dance of tactics of spy, sea of faces, it is never heard of before more! And all these, just is instructor of youth of department of dancing of institute of music of Shanghai Normal University the dancing special performance that Miao Xiaolong rolled out in Shanghai recently " water quality " main distinguishing feature...

Miao Xiaolong is born in red the home of a music east, parents is Beijing formerly the professional actor of sky politics chorus and opera troupe, oneself set foot on the road of dancing from classical dancing, was graduated from playwright-director of Beijing dancing institute to fasten class of undergraduate course of first modern dance 1999. Outstanding talent makes he is during attend school of Beijing dance courtyard, be chosen to send attended " contest of dance of international of the 7th Paris " , and Na Mei " modern dance is performed " silver medal criterion contended for light for the motherland not only, also let the Shanghai dancing that taking advanced courses in Paris at that time teach a bound get Hui Hui of military content Zheng to shine at the moment, the settle when so that he is in,graduating at this international metropolitan. 7 years of a snap of the fingers between one brandish, he is in every week the teaching benefits teachers as well as students in the immense amount of labor of 20 much class hour, become base double shoulder of example, choreography is carried, group of big, dance fights division the backbone talent of crossbeam -- on classroom, his full of vim and vigour, teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, approve a batch very little to what modern dance knows young student, tone teachs resource the agile, person that know the young dance of creation; On arena, he is active enterprising, the perspective is distinctive, make " the net is loved " , " life " , " pattern time " , " green ceremony assist " , " sunshine girl " , " cat and mice " , " good-bye or you " wait to convey Neozoic life condition, attention one batch new era is fashionable and trendy make, go up in domestic and international dancing match again and again bear the palm, 2006 " green song " more in Germany the 3rd heart is tired this the gold prize was had the honor to win on teenage dance contest suddenly.

As at present home still rare modern dance professional, miao Xiaolong is right the modern dance that exploration of fame and gain of make public individual character, not seek fame and wealth, with great concentration, pursuit advocates to be achieved formerly on art has resonance quite, and religiosity alone is like this, just produce the work with exuberant vitality possibly to come. " water quality " it is Shanghai of his take root comes 7 years work of first of accumulate over a long period large dancing, more comprehensive ground is revealed those who give him is all-round.
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