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Dancing education: Just do not foster an actor

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In recent years, as the rapid development of economy, society, the dancing of our country is taught also advance rapidly. Develop dancing of all-pervading of large area quickly to teach, especially advanced dancing education, be increasing love orchestic adolescent, offerring the opportunity that is course of study with dance. However, establishment of such as hardware, persons qualified to teach, teaching material, course builds the problem that waits for a respect, the evolution that teachs to dancing constituted not little obstacle. Below the social environment of diversity, dancing education should foster what kind of talent ability to accord with market demand after all, concerned expert gave an answer. Net of GXx China dancing

Dancing education: Be faced with net of dancing of China of GXx of a lot of bottleneckNet of GXx China dancing
The dancing that reviews our country teachs the current situation, because the 50 histories that come for years are inertial, and the serious deficient of pertinent information natural resources, no matter the dancing department of school of dancing of countrywide each district and average college is educational idea, still be managerial mode, have no alternative blindly even the education pattern that the ground copied Beijing dancing institute. Its make a person depressed as a result unavoidable, the reason depends on them be on persons qualified to teach and source of student, all with north there is vast difference between dance. Net of GXx China dancingNet of GXx China dancing
Our country dancing is taught, especially the too rapid development that advanced dancing teachs, brought about the occurrence of a lot of problems. Ou Jianping of adviser of researcher of Chinese artistic academy, doctoral student the view that waited for a respect to talk about his from hardware establishment, persons qualified to teach, teaching material. Net of GXx China dancingNet of GXx China dancing
One of, various government supports art energetically kind run a school, investment is apparently inadequate however. Each school resembles waiting for the hardware construction and persons qualified to teach, circumstance that teachs the software condition such as complementary personnel to all be not worth badly to fall in classroom, dormitory, equipment, equipment, teaching material, books, sound, ground of strive to be the first opens a class to give person, the crisis impute to such as funds inadequacy student and its parent. Net of GXx China dancingNet of GXx China dancing
Secondly, had accepted sufficient and good education, the dancing persons qualified to teach that has accepted education of rigorous teacher training especially is not worth badly. Big city waits in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang beyond a few in in small town, hired outside many schools a few although arena performs experience and advanced title, had not accepted normal school education however, the emeritus old actor that lacks scientific teaching method more will deal with a student, cause Laoshi " town " do not live the student's case happens from time to tome. Net of GXx China dancingNet of GXx China dancing
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