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Develop trend explore analyse about contemporary folk folk dance

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One, historical endless flow is of long standing and well established net of RQi China dancing

China, as the multinational country of old culture, having resource of rich dancing culture history, in 56 brother people each have each its are traditional, mirror its to be in the folk dance of ethical feature, dancing gives the square side side that they live like report of one side mirror. Arrive from 1980 1999, perhaps be China shows the most active period on contemporary dancing history, near 20 years, also do not know to new personality takes off a shadow and how many dancing goes out, the person that also do not know to have how many dance and work are fallen into disuse to go out bureau. Net of RQi China dancing

Chinese folk dance spans several year circulate up to now still prime cause of be current unabated, depend on among them ceaseless be pregnant with is worn the spirit of the times, those who having this kind of mind " prop up " our ethical folk dance is worn with respect to such ceaseless all the time inheritance, development, innovation... net of RQi China dancing

2, " former zoology " of concept and law of contemporary choreography ability blend in net of RQi China dancing jointly

Face the aesthetic changes of the times, face traditional value to watch those who read aloud view and modernistic thinking to adjust with collide, as the transmission that western culture is in China, the aesthetic view of Chinese tradition got very big impact. Kind of concept of life rhythm, thinking, devotional hobby, aesthetic demand, affection produced the change that differs right-down, this becomes the expression of language of means of mode and creation thinking, structure, dancing already with respect to what forced ethical folk dance to change a tradition, with a kind new aesthetic principle and artistic principle are shown before us. Go up in the style no longer indulge style is changed, seek individuation, diversification, much change however; On modelling, it is with circular line and symmetrical form no longer the most beautiful, like however strewn at random have the contrast that send and asymmetry beauty; On limbs language, also broke the behavioral line that form turns, pursuit edges and corners is trenchant, make full use of the change of time, space, the movement is novel and chic. The Chinese nation has old 5000 culture, 56 nations laid solid culture foundation for us, have very large latent capacity, youquzhi not the culture treasure of exhaust. Appeared in dancing bound so " collect folk songs " one word, those who be is to let playwright-director blend in those folk go in the life of old actor, experience them experience. Net of RQi China dancing

Actually a few playwright-director also were collected to life material a lot of, why can you make up namely give nice work to come? That if our just think did not refine life material rise into artistic treatment to taste, is whole work completely " caboodle " come out how can you say again had better work? With respect to those elegant cake that see at ordinary times like us, actually they pile flour namely, if cake division places one caboodle dough on bar,can be, the person that I consider to need cake will never of acknowledge the superiority or seniority of. Remember us going up Mr. Shu Qiao " pantomime structure " class hour, had mentioned " nucleus " problem, actually the truth is interlinked, playwright-director wants those who leave to conveying a thing to want core only is impartiality, no matter use what method, how to pack, it is to make it more good-looking actually, make audience people find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind a few. Current nevertheless most of no good is to use turn things upside down in disorder, do ethical folk dance " David's deer " , like the circumstance that is just like contest of dance of some whole nation: Folk dance trends adds ballet to hold in the palm lift, of modern dance destroy consciousness; Have a certain action of folk dance curtly changing one's appearance even, the accumulation of the nondescript makes in work the person does not touch limit, really other person cannot enter order. Tell the truth playwright-director also does not know what he himself is doing at that time, just feel a certain new thing is very good be put in oneself work, but do not know he has thought this new thing is comfortable,do not suit his work? Need not to need rework? Still return to us " collect folk songs " go up, the teacher is compared with old actor photograph, former also did not accumulate latterly forever deep, so what why often give result is the playwright-director of each schools however? Latter is the offer person of raw material, former it is the person that art is machined, what we should do is present high-quality goods and not be that posse group " face " . For instance " does ghee wave sweet " does the thematic movement of those medium girls originate that? Let us close an eye to want, the girl of those Tibetian people that two round bright red that appear on dark face, grow long hair to wrap around in back, like be the same as every girl, they love the United States very much, dress is answered when celebrate a festival robe of different colorific silks and satins, there is what all sorts of values do not poor to hang before the bosom adorn, also hang as a result of what go up personally adorn the upper part of the body can appear to lean backward slightly when they are walking more, such posture can make hang adorn before be being put firmly in the bosom, walk one bump one bump, good let bullion act the role ofing taste can give out ringing noise. These are most " former zoology " thing. Final playwright-director captured this one very ordinary metrical try to enrich, the work of the last special maturity appeared. Net of RQi China dancing
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