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Shallow the affection that talks about cheeper dancing education and interest

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Dancing is a kind of beautiful art, have very strong appeal. Dancing teachs the one part that serves as artistic domain, the alternate confluence in other and different domain is producing intermediary effect in the process. The dancing education that adopts correct systematization will disentomb the potential of cheeper, portray the individual character with cheeper lively health, the progress of stimulative cheeper whole side is very significant. Net of Ev4 China dancing

One, the net of dancing of changeover Ev4 China of appeal

Cheeper shows enthusiasm and interest very easily to dancing activity, but this kind of expression is a shallow-layer, often contain mood colour. We should arouse cheeper to be opposite orchestic interest, the expression its shallow-layer is outspread, increase certain depth. Direct the interest with original cheeper namely inside change, be engaged in enthusiastic translate into of the surface actively orchestic impetus, make become active and active participant. Net of Ev4 China dancing

2, successive, develop network of dancing of China of Ev4 of creativity of cheeper abecedarian art

Activity of cheeper dancing education should is with cheeper this, emphasize initiative, the effect effect that emphasizes cheeper dancing teaching pair of cheeper oneself, stimulative effect that develops to cheeper, the change makes dancing becomes the function that skill trains and performs. Net of Ev4 China dancing

In education, answer to be able to cause its to study the environment of dancing enthusiasm for cheeper activate, after making cheeper generates the interest that learns to dancing, undertake to its dancing is taught again. Promote children thereby moral character of fitness, thought, intellective development and aesthetic education teach those who wait for integrated quality to rise, achieve contain to teach Yu Le, contain to teach the effect at the United States thereby. Net of Ev4 China dancing

3, adopt dancing education, the network of dancing of intellective Ev4 China that develops children

1. Education cheeper is strenuous up net of dancing of China of psychological quality Ev4

The training of dancing class is very difficult, the assiduous effort that needs every child and perserve. Pass training, children developed self-respect, self-love, self-improvement, self-confident healthy individual character, established as a child it is difficult to know and on, the spirit of strenuous enterprising. Net of Ev4 China dancing

2. The attention that rears child, memory and net of dancing of China of Ev4 of quick response ability

Little dancing special accord with children to love to move, the characteristic that love jumps, also very accord with little the psychology that will know a thing through feel and relying on idea and physiology characteristic. Children rose to imitate ability in movement, rhythm, recreation, deepened the understanding to outside thing and understanding. Dance movement is breathed language, these movements can be aroused again, edify them to arise to associate richly, the train of thought of development creativity. It can foster the thinking in images of children, train the observation ability of its acumen, make the student's perception, associate, imagination, illusion be able to play of ground of incisively and vividly, the intelligence that advances a student thereby develops. Net of Ev4 China dancing
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