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Into also advertisement is defeated also the ethical brand that classical Ao Ni

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The Great Wall never falls, home products is become self-improvement " , this lofty sentiments is strong language is full of the encourage annals feelings of indigenous industry. Ao Ni ever captured by right of classical advertisement originality the heart of ten million Chinese, squelched for a time the ability of foreign capital brand. However, because,also be likewise advertisement, this fights the brand that has ethical old standard, also encounter slippery iron Lu accordingly however.

"Into also advertisement, be defeated also advertisement " , of Ao Ni promote decline course hard to avoid lets a person hurt bosom, lose, but the brand that regards a milepost as type, when in brand of the nation below current period setting each leaves us far to go, ao Ni nots allow we are forgotten.

The plant sends open up country

Predecessor of Chongqing Ao Ni is to go up century the factory of a replacement of car of cooperative Chongqing red star of 70 time. 1981, this factory begins production to wash deliver kind of product and more the name is Chongqing cosmetic factory. 1985, have stuff the factory manages the Chongqing cosmetic of 180 much people get into trouble, year sell only many yuan 180, home Huang that of the same age transforms abstruse Ni destiny is entered together advocate hold the position of a factory director one duty.

1991, factory and Hong Kong become Chongqing cosmetic newly abundant is joint-stock, established limited company of abstruse Ni cosmetic. In June 1992, ao Ni attends to be on sale in the cosmetic of Jinan congress. Huang Jiaqi breaks out crank, be on sale during the meeting, rent a legionary coach to use helicopter, in the assembly room in the sky circle, hitting marked scroll " China washs face king -- Ao Ni washs grandma " , become that day most the event that attracts eyeball. In the meantime, ao Ni still contracted to do a job to be on sale during the meeting all advertisement, include meal coupon, portable bag, hotel, receive billboard sending a drop, passageway billboard to wait, take order form on the spot many yuan 5000. 1992, ask advertisement of shampoo of beer of star ormosia acting character, this created Chinese shampoo industry to ask star to pat the beginning of advertisement. These two pioneering works, make the production value 1992 crosses Ao Ni 100 million.

The century on turn one's head the Chinese shampoo market at the beginning of 90 time, treasure clean company alone big, wave silk of soft, Hai Fei and the market share that Pan Ting holds 65% above. Plus combination benefit China, beautiful king, Chinese contend for hegemony of tall a large number of heroes, should say, at that time somewhat the Ao Ni of fame wants in the market foreign capital brand is contended for a cup of a thick soup, not easy.

1994, ao Ni rolled out black horn to wash hair extract to be hit " the plant is sent " concept, the concept that goes up in the light of shampoo market undertook the area is lain between. It is the representing's product with below treasure clean banner 3 old brands at that time, all with complaisant, go the physical attribute of bits, nutrition undertook market fractionize, here case falls, aonidi goes out natural " the plant is sent " poor dissimilation fixed position, formed naturally in consumer brains " plant shampoo " concept, realized amlposition competition.
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