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Cosmetic interior sells a net to go up to take air leak tone carelessly especial

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Into also network, be defeated also network -- force Ceng Rangyi of the netizen some sell especially can do everyone is happy, however last noon, a Yi that is aimed at in-house personage surely formerly beautiful cosmetic sells Shabai Yadu especially because the meeting takes air leak tone on the net, the inventory with a piece of not exact content attracts 449 crasher to come in succession unexpectedly.

The reporter sees in the spot, selling especially can hold the ground -- this company is located in power sea route luxuriant name inside an office building of crossing, flock contend for grab these to make work only 50 yuan or the hot occasion of 100 yuan special offer cosmetic, let the employee stare tongue-tied of other company inside the building, complain unceasingly.

Message divulge

Elegant a company on August 18 interiorly releases an information. Morrow, the person that have a good work is in not bright below the case that sells meeting property especially, get online will sell time, site especially wide and those who accuse, subsequently the inventory that paste gives discount strength to be as high as 1 to fold. Very fast, message spread fast, sensation is caused in the netizen, somebody travels together in the accompany on the net, somebody is released collect fees buy on sb's behalf information, whether does somebody discussion need old early in the morning to queue up. In these discussion, neither one person mentions this to sell the in-house property of the meeting especially, unmanned also call a company to check.

Come in great numbers

Accordingly, although sell especially,meet on yesterday 12 when to 14 when hold, but be in early in the morning 7 when 30 minutes, the person that appeared to be attracted outside the office of this company. To 9 when make, the person that wait already had 229 people. Elegant an employee is astonied, the rolling door that handles company entrance door is put down, look for security personnel to guard. 10 when make, the bottom building that decides to borrow office building temporarily again is old reception desk extends number card, 100 consumer enter the set limit to after begin inside. The staff member just was lying between the wait person on the corridor outside rolling door face each other to call a few voice, without paste annunciate. And right now spot is close-packed already, a lot of people at the back of the team did not listen clear, have customer of a lot of newcome more complete not know the inside story, continue to wait painstakingly on corridor.

Arrive 12 when before begin, the consumer that gathers outside the door already had hundreds of, turned not capacious corridor into can of a pilchard, what dare not open a rolling door is elegant an all security personnel that the company employs office building temporarily, also be moved even elevator administrator and garage manager to rise even, a back door of ladder of entrance instead goods and company, begin to extend to sell 100 number of the meeting the brand especially midday the following day in bottom building is old.
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