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DNA biology prevents bogus technology to escort the Emperor for consumer right c

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Face the market situation of numerous and complicated, to protect consumer rights and interests better, the measure preventing bogus that is aimed at a tradition cannot have satisfied the current situation that the market asks, hong Kong advocate board appear on the market limited company of science and technology of beautiful live thing is in company nature industry of global hairdressing cosmetic takes the lead in using the biology of the most advanced DNA commerce password on international to defend bogus technology, new and high science and technology is offerred to natural beautiful product be just as " close child appraisal " technology, protect the legitimate rights and interests of broad consumer.

DNA biology defends the main principle of bogus technology, it is to will be moved, floral deoxygenate ribose (namely DNA) pick take, wait for measure through extractive, abstraction, montage, synthesis, after be being handled by genetic engineering, again by is special manufacturing technological process, make DNA can fall to be saved for a long time in normal, the repass specialty printing, craft that make makes the label that prevent bogus. Password of commerce of this one DNA can put an end to copy effectively to risk, content shedding accuses a canal, prevent to string together goods, protection agential rights and interests, prevent to escape OEM of evade taxation, protection, increase brand value, at the same time this one new and high technology also is the mechanism preventing bogus that the whole world can become judicial appraisal basis exclusively. If want to identify true bogus, need to use exclusive to differentiate only a DNA in outer packing of natural beautiful product daub undertakes on the label that prevent bogus, can undertake detecting quickly, when be like demand of farther test and verify, can prevent bogus label to undertake to DNA by professional biology lab " close child appraisal " can find out easily, can have identification of true and false of kinds or types of goods very easily, prevent fake to pound the market.