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Cosmetic is exaggerated conduct propaganda is highest will punish 10 thousand yu

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Cosmetic label lieutenant general will appear to be tagged vaguely henceforth, must tag watch of cosmetic full class status, all cosmetic are not gotten bright show, action of allusive medical treatment. In addition, toothpaste includes cosmetic formally range. The reporter pledges from Guangzhou city inspect bureau learns 18 days, " cosmetic label administers a regulation " will rise to apply formally at next month. It is reported, in view of eye forehead cent cosmetic produces an enterprise to still a certain quantity of cosmetic packs inventory, the cosmetic that treatment produces before October 1 next year can continue to use the original label that pack.

Cosmetic not mark composition list is top punish 10 thousand yuan

Outside waiting for specific provision except the name that includes mount to cosmetic, effect, use method, this regulation still asks cosmetic label ought to tag all composition of the product. Stipulate cosmetic label must not tag exaggerated function, false conduct propaganda clearly among them, debase congener product, bright show or the content that the suggestion has medical treatment effect, must not tag create the product name with promiscuous perhaps misunderstanding easily to consumer.

Guangzhou city pledges chief points out related inspect bureau, cosmetic label did not tag watch of full class status, tag method and requirement not to accord with corresponding standard to set, qualitative inspect branch instructs deadline to correct, the part that exceed the time limit did not correct fines 10 thousand yuan below.

Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau expresses, since October 1, 2009, qualitative inspect branch will close to notting agree with " cosmetic label administers a regulation " the cosmetic of the requirement undertakes be investigatinged lawfully. This means next month to have formal go into effect " cosmetic label administers a regulation " execute the law investigate period from this year defer arrived on September 1 next year on October 1.

Toothpaste is labelled cosmetic

The reporter discovers in compasses anew, in the definition that toothpaste also was included cosmetic. " regulation " express, be said cosmetic is to point to here with daub, gush, asperse other perhaps and similar method, apply at human body (the skin, hair, point to the) such as tine of toenail, lip, in order to achieve cleanness, maintain, beautification, decorate and change the outward appearance, perhaps amend human body odour, maintain kilter to be the product of the purpose. Say from this meaning, toothpaste also belongs to the administrative scope of cosmetic.

The current situation: Label of most cosmetic composition is ambiguous

The reporter visits shop of cosmetic of Guangzhou market share 18 days to discover, "Pure plant elite, deep-sea extraction content, marine elite " wait for a word to wrap mount to appear again and again in cosmetic, as to specific attribute what part, did not define.
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