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New rule executes the law period rise superior to of defer cosmetic market

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"Deep-sea extraction content " , " innovation active composition " , " natural plant recipe " ... long-term since, to the composition problem of cosmetic, because manufacturer happens to coincide the ground closely guard a secret, consumer has a blurred vision naturally. Rose on September 1, as the country qualitative inspect total bureau promulgates " cosmetic label administers a regulation " formal go into effect, hopeful of this one problem gets defeating solving. New rule will go, can you deny bring to rectify storm? The reporter visits Nanjing market discovery, the label one's cricumstances or characters remain unchanged with non-standard cosmetic. Come from Jiangsu to save quality technology to supervise the message of the bureau to also say, in view of eye forehead cent cosmetic produces an enterprise to still have a certain quantity of stock that pack, to avoid and reduce waste, the cosmetic that treatment produces before October 1 next year can continue to use the original label that pack. Whether is this meant, will the executive strength of cosmetic new rule sell at a discount greatly?

Market scanning: "Random flower gradually desire glamorous look " cosmetic label is too confused

On August 18, the reporter is alled over seek new market opening each big market discovery, cosmetic composition tags not complete, diction ambiguous and allege the state that has medical treatment effect cans be found everywhere.

In a drugstore with ocean downstair general merchandise, the salesperson introduced elegant overflow of one France brand to the reporter, "This kind of cosmetic has drugstore to just sell only, it still has medicaments curative effect while beautification skins, have special curative effect to the dermatosis such as skin erythema, eczema. Have special curative effect to the dermatosis such as skin erythema, eczema..

The reporter discovers in investigation, the cosmetic of on the market a lot of brands besides a few normal part, still added all sorts of medicaments part, like the vitamin, fight constituent amine agent, astringent, irritant to wait, some is added have Chinese traditional medicine composition. And in naughty tax business of alley, subway the shop, net that clean out treasure cosmetic question that sell is bigger, some is tagged directly " go scar " or " reduce weight " model of written characters, "Fight bacterium, curb bacterium, except bacterium " apperception makeup product is multifarious.

Ta Jiyan is spread in business of subway of new market opening inside shop of beautiful body cosmetic, "Lan Kou " , " elegant Shi Landai " wait for a brand to prevent bask in a product to have on ark, the price wants cheap 1/3 than big market, but these products mark without Chinese mostly, do not have a manual more. In the outer packing of a lot of complete English manufacturing date has time only, lunar day by rip off. Counterjumper is mysterious divulge, this inn product is to pass completely " special " channel is imported from abroad, rip going marking partly is to prevent to be checked by relevant section.
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