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Cosmetic composition has a blurred vision the times is thoroughly terminative

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" cosmetic label management sets " will carry out formally at rising on September 1

Recently, from the county qualitative inspect bureau understands, begin from September 1, " cosmetic label administers a regulation " will carry out formally, " regulation " requirement cosmetic label should tag watch of full class status. Of this one regulation carry out, the mark is worn cosmetic composition " have a blurred vision " the times will be thoroughly terminative.

Cosmetic composition has a blurred vision the times is thoroughly terminative

The bag mount in a lot of cosmetic often markedly indicative move: "Pure plant elite, deep-sea extraction content, marine elite " etc, allege have distinct effect, as to specific attribute what part, produce manufacturer and did not define again. These ambiguous class status also let consumer have veiled word quite. Miss Zhang that goes to work in some unit tells a reporter, before paragraph the bright skin water that time bought some brand, used a few day hind to discover the skin is red however, ability discovers original product contains the alcohol part that makes her allergic after microscope manual. New " regulation " carry out authority of know the inside story of the consumer in will settling cosmetic trade thoroughly to lack the issue that miss.

In addition, be opposite in new regulation of cosmetic limitting is: "Daub, gush, asperse other perhaps and similar method, apply at human body (the) such as the skin, hair, enunciation, in order to achieve cleanness, maintain, the effect such as beautification, maintain kilter to be the product of the purpose. " this meant toothpaste to include cosmetic management formally also.

The reporter is interviewed in the supermarket in discovery, inside whole toothpaste shop, "Abiding super- bright white " , " bright exceeding bright is white " , " fight allergic, acid resistant " , " reduce a tooth to wear away " the label that waits for such also everywhere is visible. Introduce according to supermarket staff member, when the client is choosing the brand of toothpaste, use the effect ingredient that pass besides oneself, the consideration is most is these labels of packet of mount and advertising consequence. Many citizens also think current businessman emphasizes the medical effect function of toothpaste overly, main clean function was forgotten instead, this chooses correctly to consumer undoubtedly and use toothpaste to cause misdirect. " cosmetic label administers a regulation " carry out also indicating, toothpaste " hit edge ball " the advertisement that publicizes all sorts of curative effect will by complete " ban " . Businessmen want to take effect to say a thing again, can get thought well.
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