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Protect wet fight knitting a function is a businessman completely self-given

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Cosmetic is carried out since new rule next month, will give consumer more safe safeguard.

Cosmetic is carried out since new rule next month, will give consumer more safe safeguard.

" cosmetic label administers a regulation " cosmetic is carried out to protect since next month wet fight knit still still do not have a standard

When buying cosmetic, cannot believe what one hears of another flavour ground is fought knit protect wet introduction. Current, cosmetic is fought knit and protect wet still do not have a standard, the function is pure belong to an enterprise self-given. ■ new rule

Toothpaste includes cosmetic to must not allude curative effect

The reporter pledges from Henan province inspect bureau learns, " cosmetic label administers a regulation " carry out since September 1.

What part is contained in cosmetic, mount should be being wrapped since next month all bright show come out, once consumer is in in the process of use cosmetic, occurrence allergy or unwell phenomenon, relevant section can contrast composition watch, whether is investigation put in the part that causes side effect to exist.

Supermarket of market of much to Zhengzhou city home visits discovery, many cosmetic are remained " deep-sea plant extracts content " , " simple natural recipe " wait for faintness to tag.

New regulation still increased actual to cosmetic production to machine the requirement that the ground, full class status tags, clear cosmetic label must not tag exaggerated function, false conduct propaganda, debase congener product, bright show or the content that the suggestion has medical treatment effect, must not tag create the product name with promiscuous perhaps misunderstanding easily to consumer, the content that prohibits tagging with etc law, code and national level.

Additional, besides will outside cannot appearing to tag cosmetic composition vaguely, all the time the day with ambiguous status turns a product -- toothpaste includes cosmetic formally range, all cosmetic are not gotten bright show, action of allusive medical treatment.

■ exposure

Cosmetic is protected wet fight knitting a function is self-given completely

Protect wet, fight knit, the United States waits a word a moment in vain, be full of the functional introduction in cosmetic at present in. Actually, protect wet, fight knitting is self-given completely at present, the country also will have a standard to come on stage, come the aspect that normative businessman, him manufacturer said to calculate.
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