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Sufficient bath massages hairdressing beauty to issue course of study to arouse

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ChangshaMunicipal government holds whole town sufficient bath, wash bath, massage, hairdressing beauty issues course of study to found countrywide civilized town to welcome plenary session of check sprint level, the requirement makes fight of assault fortified positions hammer and tongs, implementation establishs the working goal of civilized town.

Changsha element has " of consumption " say, according to not complete count, changsha is existing sufficient bath, wash bath, health care to massage, hairdressing beautifies hair inn waiting for the door thousands of, make an appointment with 150 thousand person from personnel of course of study.

As we have learned, the standard of Hunan Province place that supervisory bureau of province quality technology issues " massage service of bath sufficient bath is normative " already carried out at rising on July 1, 2007, recreational to washing bath place served a standard to put forward explicit normative sex to ask. The branch such as our city business affairs, industrial and commercial, public security begins special superintend and director to check, accomplish responsibility to be enclothed completely, management does not have flaw, found without blind angle.

Deputy mayor Yao Yongchun asks, sufficient understanding founds the principal port of countrywide civilized town, will improve enterprise hardware establishment through participating in civilization to found, promote an enterprise figure and class. Whole town sufficient bath, wash bath, massage, hairdressing beautifies hair course of study should contrast establish standard of countrywide civilized town, strengthen conduct propaganda to teach further, breed energetically " future of collective care Changsha, maintain Changsha image jointly, drive lounge to exhibit jointly, collective construction Changsha is civilized " value orientaton, raise the recognition level from personnel of course of study, make of course of study of one's own profession establish countrywide civilized town witting rate, support rate, participate in rate achieve 100% .