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After foreign scientist considers to discover a kind of gene mutates jointly, ca

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A combination of the research organization such as center of French country scientific research and institute of British London empire considers to discover, after a kind of the name is PCSK1 gene inside human body produces mutation, can increase fat risk.

   Center of French country scientific research publishs bulletin 8 days to say, PCSK1 can generate a kind special enzymatic, it can control appetitive insulin, pancreas inside activation human body element of tall blood sugar and your person generation are full bilge the A black Pi Suyuan of feeling, once PCSK1 mutates,do not pass, this kind of enzymatic structure that it builds also can produce a change subsequently, lose normal function thereby. The scientist is the research that the object has to make clear with the partial dweller of France, Switzerland and Denmark, PCSK1 mutation can bring about weight to soar.

Professor Philip Fuluogaile says the chief of this research, PCSK1 is not exclusive with fat the gene that concern, the scientist before this already had discovered a few otherer fat gene. To this year the end of the year, scientist hopeful reachs " fat gene " list, from genetic angle the explanation exceeds returning elephant.

Citing says Fuluogaile, if weight of a children grows too quickly, the doctor is necessary to understand this one phenomenon to whether be concerned with gene mutation, just take interpose step effectively next. If have nothing to do with gene, so optimal program of cure will be hormone therapeutics.

Achievement of this one research already was published in England of newest first phase " natural genetics " on the magazine.