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American plastic surgery learns to will have technical communication with Chines

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The United States' biggest plastic doctor delegacy visits Yimeier

Division of so wholesale American plastics cure visits China, still be the first time of throughout history, came to 36 complete beauty in all famous plastics and hairdressing surgeon, colonel is Dr. Bruce Cunningham, also be before medicine of American plastic surgery meets a chairman, this society is the world's largest plastic surgery organization, also be the orgnaization that goes in foremost edge in domain of medicine of hairdressing plastic surgery. Deputy regimental commander is Mr Paul Pomerantz, it is executive vice-chairman of society of American plastic surgery. On June 13, they visited the hospital of hairdressing specialized subject of two Yimeier, it is long island hospital and happy hospital respectively, had the academic communication of two hours with Yimeier's doctors next. American person of the same trade thinks generally: Yi Meier's level and run mode and American person of the same trade are very adjacent. Dr. Bruce Cunningham says: Yi Meier is the orgnaization of a sex of the look up before having, establishment is perfect, the level is very high; Besides, the most important is: In Yimeier, all treatment are completed by the doctor that has aptitude.

Be in Yi Meier happy hospital, the doctors that come from the United States by special the girl that allowed to visit 3 when come from disaster area to get hurt, they were become by cent two unplug, treat and rest of children for noninterference, visitation course is very peaceful. Zhu Chunyan just finishs the 2nd times amputation operation, lying on sickbed to accept further treatment. American doctor moves for saga place of Zhu Chunyan, wish she recovers at an early date. What does the people that these American doctors hope to be able to be Chinese disaster area very much do.

The contrast of plastic surgery current situation of China and United States

Be not operation cure, inject especially beauty culture is in the United States more and more welcome. Dr. Bruce Cunningham says, the development of surgery of American plastics hairdressing pays attention to the cure that is not operation and small plastic already morely, for instance inject beauty culture and laser photon hairdressing treat art. Fleshy toxin inject and fill kind inject is popular, small plastic kind the forerunner that small operation cure also is hairdressing of all medical treatment, the person that seek beautiful seek medical advice is commonly from inject, laser or small plastic proceed with, after obtaining satisfactory result, just choose big operation treatment possibly; Likewise such to the doctor's choice, go to a doctor person can experiment with small cure the doctor's level.

Be in China, this kind of circumstance may differ somewhat, plastic doctor is given priority to with big operation commonly, negligence despises blame operation or small operation even, so, often very few make inquires is not surgeon of renowned Chinese plastics hairdressing operation or inject hairdressing. Although take the chain orgnaization that is not an operation seriously particularly so in Yimeier, operation and the cure that are not an operation also are divided into two area, it is the two section office that stand side by side greatly. Actually this had pulled open a distance with international level, from the integrated design that is not operation proceed with and cure, at present the most popular hairdressing trend on international, be in the United States, these remedial processes are finished by plastic doctor skill.
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