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International demand heats up domestic plant to extract course of study to call

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In the medicine of raw material of pharmacy of the 8th world that just ends China is exhibited on, a phenomenon caused join the attention that exhibits a personage: Subject matter of plant extraction matter is in exhibit before in the sky be being met active, not only relevant ginseng exhibits business dimensions to compare expand before, and special still open up the zone of plant extraction content and forum. And review wide first half of the year this year hand in can Euramerican travelling merchant to extract content enterprise to exhibit in domestic plant photograph ask is contended for on booth dish grand occasion, these explain, be extracted products to taste sell like hot cakes of home of United States is in Europe by the plant drive, line of business of products of domestic plant extraction and its export trade also begin vivid capriole to come.

It is reported, yew alcohol, happy event cultivates the homebred establish such as alkaline armour of unlined upper garment of alkaline, stone to because supply of goods is nervous,promote content product, cannot satisfy order amount of the foreign trader at all, and medlar, red red-spotted stonecrop, glossy ganoderma, angelica, the root of kudzu vine a few " establish of new natural resources promotes content product " (western country thinks they are generally " establish of new natural resources promotes thing " product) become a foreign trader again and again of patronage popular commodity.

However, although foreground is worth to expect, but the export that establish of current our country promotes thing is add the value is inferior still, buddhist nun of content of extraction of leaf of element of the Hao that be like blueness, ginkgo, eggplant is mellow wait, because extract technology is backward,reach exit product quality is inferior and often cause profit and market share a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year are waited a moment, wait for plant of nation of Asian near neighbour to carry industrial wind unboiled water to rise in day Han especially today, the passive situation of this kind of exit needs to think over apparently.

Green Hao element:

Unbalance of produce and sale, export license is made consider coming on stage

Because green Hao element is restraining the effect respect excel with progenitive plasmodium to use fight chloroquine of impaludism old drug and ethylamine pyrimidine for years, what because this becomes what World Health Organization appoints to offer African malaria popularity,epidemic disease area uses is main the medicine that fight impaludism, the medicine fighting impaludism that heretofore still does not have other plant origin (quinine except) can replace its market position.

World Health Organization ever published a whole world to fight impaludism drug market to analyse a report 2004, according to the foreground of the description in the report, according to the whole world has 350 million person to contract aguish disease about at that time computative, quantity of total demand reachs element of world green Hao to will amount to 300 tons 2010, preparation sale will amount to above of 1.5 billion dollar. Then, each province lifted our country southwest to cultivate the upsurge of chrysanthemum Hao.
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