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Be faced with consumption low confuse and raw material price upsurges Japan spen

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Although be faced with consumption low confuse and raw material price is rising wait for adverse effect, the 2nd quarter still implements beautiful king group this year net profit embellish 17 billion yen (1 dollar closes 108 yen about) , increase 31 % compared to the same period.

The money newspaper that spends king group 30 days to announce shows, sale of group of the 2nd quarter is 316.8 billion yen this year, with the corresponding period kept balance basically last year. Increase main profit from of net profit embellish considerably applicable give extend income tax indebted law, reduced pay taxes. In addition, the American subsidiary that beautiful king buys 20 years ago and banner leave the gain of sell one's own things of the trade mark right of one cosmetic brand, also be a when net profit profit adds main factor.

Be in Japan and United States two big staple market are small below confused condition, the management environment of beautiful king nots allow hopeful. On Japanese home market, although spend the day of king to turn a department,sales volume of individual new product increases somewhat, but the sales volume of the main product such as family expenses scour flatly; In the meantime, brand of brunt of home market cosmetic " Suofeina " etc intermediate the sales volume of the product also did not see increase, accrual reduces 2 % . In addition, because American market spending is low,confuse and the influence of exchange rate, the business outside beautiful Wang Hai also appeared shrink.

Current, beautiful king is right this money year outstanding achievement maintains sale to grow embellish of 1 % , net profit to grow 4 % anticipate changeless.