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Europe is the biggest retail chain garrisons perfume and cosmetic busy streets o

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  Europe is the biggest Marionnaud Paris of retail chain store garrisons perfume and cosmetic busy streets of sanded chew of Hong Kong needle respectfullied present in August gift of in a steady stream and exclusive privilege

The biggest advanced perfume and cosmetic brand Marionnaud Paris are in the Europe below division of Qu Chen group first shop of Hong Kong, already garrisoned Hong Kong ceremoniously in April, take care of ladies to play the part of beautiful need in the round, paralell connection is the same as many international famous hairdressing brand, for love
Beautiful ladies are acted according to on continuous exclusive gift and high grade courteous reception, always keep optimal the most beautiful condition, all show Marionnaud Paris client at the same time whole town is unique exalted play the part of beautiful position.

The concept of Marionnaud Paris reachs offerred service

Store of Marionnaud Paris flagship is located in honest of cover of pointed sanded chew to 101 subterranean first (near exit of A1 of station of subway of pointed sanded chew) , cover an area of more than 2000 呎 , amorous feelings of decorate is fashionable and rich grumous French, with the purple of indicative female beauty and downy grandma white gives priority to tone, concise and bright, style fashionable. The roundlet on brand is nodded, indicative perfume sends out the meticulous pore on the pure and fresh spray that give and skin, marionnaud Paris of report of this as it happens is the hairdressing oasis that sets for modern woman only truly, aim with the client together " Celebrate The Beautiful You! ".

Marionnaud Paris combined a variety of ideal perfume and cosmetic the place of retail chain store requires an element, it is the store that reachs shopping mode through be conceived meticulously and can satisfying different client to savour. Offer many international the product of famous perfume and cosmetic brand, include Lancome, Christian Dior, YSL, Clinique, Sisley, Jurlique, Guerlain, , Clarins, Biotherm, , SKII and Shiseido, afore-mentioned brands all set the hairdressing shop of product all ready, inside inn at the same time more set perfume and special administrative area of man hairdressing things, let a client enjoy the personification that professional hairdressing adviser offers to seek advice from a service in fashionable and comfortable shopping space, thereby can thorough knowledge is different the characteristic of brand and its product, by freedom of individual be fond of the heart aquatic product of different brand combines optional ground supplement.