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The beauty of Korea woman popularity and sex appeal rectify clavicle namely

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Setting: On film festival of Korea boiler hill, benefaction makes the star Yin that wears those who show clavicle to confuse your dress to show a figure very much Korean infatuate. Because be in the questionnaire investigation that stage of a cable television has, she is elected to perform art bound optimal " clavicular beauty " . Additional, a 5520 renown females participate in " you think bare when where is the sexiest place " findings shows, the person of 30.8% replies " clavicular " , exceed bosom to occupy the first place.

To win beauty and sex appeal, without what woman (beautiful wife, elegant woman, cheerful woman) do the thing that does not come out.

In Korea, bone of bazoo of grand bosom, mat, file is early not be face-lifting vogue any more, at present most the face-lifting of fiery is -- clavicular plastics! It is the small mouth that in axillary drape place incision 3 millimeter control, put in inspiratory instrument, suck clavicle through fine small adipose and inspiratory art all round adipose, make clavicle more outstanding thereby.

Be engaged in hairdressing plastics in associate professor of peak of clump of king of director of plastic surgery of coal total hospital these in year, he becomes operation suction fat in the light of clavicle from the woman that had not encountered our country. But to smoking fat hairdressing for, director Wang thinks those who remind is, take fat operation or be put in particular risk.

Director Wang points out, clavicular place has on nest and next nests, want to lock up follicle, as long as on nest and those who issue a check is adipose suck can. This is the operation suction fat of a kind of little scope only, simpler, infiltrate strut anaesthesia fluid above all adipose, repass negative pressure implement adipose suck.

But " American plastic surgery learns " an investigation of periodical points out, in all sorts of operations that have in the hospital, mortality is 100 thousand to 300 thousand 1/0, and be in 1994 in taking fat operation to what undertake between 1998, have death of 95 person that beg examine, among them deadly reason includes hemal block, anaesthetic problem and internal injury, and corresponding excessive aconite makes the likelihood blood cannot circulate free direct current is connected, because this creates hemal block,cause death.