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The whole world is herbaceous case of innovation of company of herbaceous produc

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In the whole world " advocate natural, regression is natural " today, it is the emerge as the times require of product one after another of important raw material or accretion with herb.

Be in China, jin Sheng, Wang Laoji, cropland 7, golden voice, these brands can prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan in the market and red, long flourish does not decline, mystery but from its product herbaceous accurate solution is found in changing fixed position.

Herbaceous culture lifts global spring tide

Day is polluted in industry very of care of can of your person of condition of one day, whole ball today, people already realized the life style that must adopt change oneself will protect his gradually, the product that they begin to notice they may be used is healthy, safe, be at ease, accord with the green requirement of environmental protection. "Advocate natural, regression is natural " , then the became current society fashion of follow a rational line to do some work well, and people is right those chemical complex composition in industrial product show the vigilance that never has had and repulsion. Business of a few industry and scientific research orgnaization began the comprehensive research to natural herb accordingly, extract those who contain significant component from which all sorts of material, include officinal sex material and material of general function sex. They are herbaceous medicine not only (plant medicine) main raw material, also be added extensively at nutrient replenishers, health food, cosmetic and nicotian goods to wait. With herbaceous extraction content is the product of main raw material or important accretion this kind, medicine kind can be called " herbaceous medicine " , blame medicine kind might as well a general designation is " herbaceous turn a product " . Throw to the enthusiasm of herbaceous product research and development as a lot of global famous businesses, herbaceous medicine and herbaceous change product day to also suffer with each passing day more increasingly bestow favor on, the herbaceous property that a foreground values is being formed quickly, a kind of quite attractive herbaceous culture is thorough with each passing day also popular feeling, have the power that sweeps across the whole world greatly.

In the whole world, herbaceous industry been maintaininging bigger amplitude for years, it is mature that the market also is mixed in rapid growth. In global market, herbaceous medicaments year the sale already reached 300 much dollars, herbaceous cosmetic year the sale also exceeds 16 billion dollar, and with annual the speed of 10%-20% increases by degrees, the whole world is more to the demand of product of natural and herbaceous raw material increase by degrees in year after year with the increase rate of 70% . In the European Union, herbaceous drug market in last few years development speed crosses chemical market already quickly. According to statistic of World Health Organization, at present the whole world has 4 billion person using herbaceous medicine to treat a disease, predict henceforth 5-10 year the sale of herbaceous product will be as high as the whole world 100 million dollars of 2000-3000. The whole world is herbaceous application is most ordinal for the United States, Europe (among them Germany, France particularly active) , China, India, Korea, Japan and Brazil. Although the United States is the whole world the last the country that approves herbaceous drug, but the 60% above that the wastage of its herbaceous extraction content takes the whole world however, and the China that has herbaceous use tradition still occupies 3-5% only.
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