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Distant Ba Liu Qian obtains Japan border dancing to surpass a gold prize

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Learned on August 16, the happy event in the contest of Japan border dance that the Liu Qian of actor of Liaoning corps de ballet that just comes back winning high praise from Japan holds in Japanese Tokyo wins a gold prize. Net of Rup China dancing
Net of Rup China dancing
The reporter interviewed Liu Qian that day, introduce according to her, a list of plays that wins gold prize of group of armour of teenager of woman of contest of Japan border dance this in Tokyo is " Aisimeina is amounted to " solo dance variation. Net of Rup China dancing

Liu Qian this year 18 years old, come from Henan Zhengzhou, 9 years old enter Liaoning corps de ballet to begin dancing career. Obtained Liaoning to save gold prize of cup of the 10th one's pupils or disciples, throughout the country 2006 " cup of one's pupils or disciples " dance contest silver-colored award; Of the same age is in contest of dance of international of Korea head Er win silver-colored award, it is at that time ballet youth group takes part in the match a the age in the player is the smallest. In addition, she still has the honor to win the ad hoc large award of the organizing committee, obtain England the qualification of attend in a advanced studies of royal ballet institute. Net of Rup China dancing
Net of Rup China dancing
Ginseng of near future of Liu alizarin red performed distant Ba " Sleeping Beauty " , " 2 springs reflect a month " , " pirate " wait for famous a list of plays. Net of Rup China dancing