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London Olympic Games Organizing Committee: Hand over a process to will reveal En

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Xinhua net message on August 22, center of news of 2008 Beijing international is held 2012 press conference of London Olympic Games, the concerned personage such as chairman of London Olympic Games Organizing Committee will concern London to introduction of reporter of China and foreign countries the organization of the Olympic Games is the job, right 2012 of Beijing Olympic Games experience and on closure of Beijing Olympic Games, london joins the case such as partial show, answer the reporter asks. Net of GYc China dancing

Net of GYc China dancing
Reporter of Hong Kong TVB: Cheek is embedded merchant  ?012 year London will reveal it to the whole world most the culture of elite, at the same time we also see, from begin on the weekend originally, london begins to reveal it from the Olympic Games closure of Beijing with respect to can organic meeting a series of culture. My inquisitive is, how England will reveal its best culture, include its dancing and music. Additional, what kind of arrangement will there be in joining a course? The double deck bus that we know to will have a London sails gymnasium, what kind of arrangement can you still have? Net of GYc China dancing

Net of GYc China dancing
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