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Liu Yan, the whole world blesses you! !

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It is after end of opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, zhang Yi is sought when the director is accepting CCTV to interview, ceng Liu showed a word: Myself cannot give him full marks, because there is to get hurt in opening ceremony actor... although he did not call-over at that time, but his expression and dialect gave people a such suggestions: This painful very may difficult efface. This actor is double " Wen Hua award " and " award of 5 one project " gainer, liu Yan of dancer of Chinese famous young person. Net of 5CW China dancing

Net of 5CW China dancing

Program of Olympic Games opening ceremony " filar road " Liu Yan of actress of actor of A of exclusive solo dance, get hurt accidentally in rehearse and painful after the message that fastens opening ceremony show is made public, affected the heart of a lot of people, also let Zhang Yi seek, these 3 directors do not care Zhang Jigang and Chen Weiya to fall all the time. Late on July 27 Liu Yan throws afterwards to send a hospital urgently the operation, zhang Yi is sought wait for 3 directors after hurrying to a hospital to visit for a short while, yesterday afternoon 5: 30, 3 directors visit Liu Yan again. Net of 5CW China dancing

  Zhang Yi seeks: "You are me the darkest painful "Net of 5CW China dancing

Be informed Zhang Yi to seek etc should come to a hospital, liu Yan has wanted to want to dominate his sentiment originally, but when the 3 directors elder before facing sickbed, she still does not have a law to keep back tear. Net of 5CW China dancing

Careful inquiry illness, the care treats a condition, 3 big directors are after complimentary Liu cliff, ceaselessly encourage this famous dance person the belief that strengthens to make a fight with serious illness. Zhang Yi seeks special still the inscribe that brought oneself to send Liu Yan on 4 pieces of card and autograph book: "Liu Yan, the whole world blesses you! " net of 5CW China dancing

"In the opening ceremony, the person that I should be thankful the first times is Liu Yan, she gave an opening ceremony everything, she is a hero! " net of 5CW China dancing

"Liu Yan: In the sound of a praise to the opening ceremony, I can never forget the figure that you wave, you are me the darkest in the heart painful, you are the real hero in my heart! If can see your regain one's feet comes, than any praises voice makes me joy, excited! Can have this one day! Liu Yan, hold to, hold to! " net of 5CW China dancing

Because the heart is medium particularly afflictive, zhang Yi is sought already did not say to give a word to come, he asked Zhang Jigang to recite the content above to Liu Yan in front of sickbed, when Zhang Jigang the director is read " you are me the darkest in the heart painful " when, after many choke with sobs, make spot person all without exception sentimental. Net of 5CW China dancing
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